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From The Underworld Shall we Rise

Posted on Mon Dec 24th, 2018 @ 12:59pm by Ensign Padraig O'Donnaghue & Captain Colin Lightwood & Ensign Kendra Ellis & Captain T'Lara & Captain T'Mar
Edited on on Mon Dec 24th, 2018 @ 1:02pm

Mission: Olympus Has Fallen
Location: USS Demeter
Timeline: 0830 hours

It was Alpha shift, Paddy had been on the bridge for what seemed like hours. The Demeter was stationed just off the sight of the battle of the binaries, doing a standard sweep as ordered by Starfleet. He looked to the charts, he had been on the bridge all morning and something wasn't adding up, Be pushed some butons and brought up the communications panel "Captain T'lara can you come to bridge, i have something for you to see" a short bust Starfleet communication on all channels was being sent out, close to Olympus station his soft blue eyes trying to figuire out where the distress call could possibly be coming from.

T'Lara walked out of the office on to the bridge. "Report, Ensign." She had a little rush in her voice. She had a cold look on her face like most Vulcans, and she was very direct. She stood next to her chair with her arms behind her back.

Gente stood up from the command chair. "We apologize captain for bothering. However we felt this could not wait, Mister O'Donnaghue?" He was calm and relaxed, and waited for the Helmsman to give his finding. He wanted the young officer, to take all of the credit.

Ensign O'Donnaghue looked to his screen "See this here, its a federation distress call" he said looking to his CO and her XO "However i cant seem to find a transponder or let alone a signature for it" He said looking to Gente first "I Have no idea why a federation ship is in that sector unless its a section 31 and that it would explain the radio silence" he said looking to T'Lara "Last i herd the Hades was close to that sector" He spoke up One of his friends was aboard thats how Paddy knew so much.

"Section 31 is a myth, Mister O'Donnaghue. Let's not speculate on that." He said publically. Even though it was not. But they went through great lengths to hide their public existence. A lot of people chalked them up to being a myth a legend. On the books the USS Hades was another Starfleet vessel. Nothing that tied them into Section 31. He went on to ask. "So what do we know for sure, at this point. We have a federation ship sending out a signal, in an area that it should not be in. Have you confirmed this is not a fake Klingon signal?" Asked Gente as he looked to Paddy.

T'Lara walked over to Paddy's station. "Ensign? What location did you say the distress signal came from? Any Klingon ships in the area?"

Paddy looked to his screen "Olympus station M'am" he said tapping the screen of his station "There are four D7's surrounding the area from what i can gather" He said bringing the view a little closer by zooming in "Yes four D7's theres not a lot of chatter going on, but id need rodrigez to clear up the sensor array and communications array to get a better handle on the comms situation.

Gente waited and listened to hear what the captain was going to say and do next. Four D-7 ships and they were not cloaked. That was a bold move on the Klingons. Gente knew the Klingons were a boastful and proud race. But they appeared to be over confident. What was their angle he wondered, and was the distress call legit?

"And ensign, federation on scanners?" She continued asking.

Paddy looked over the sensor sweeps "One faint Captain, not strong enough for me to get an actual sensor lock"If it was the hades, her transponder was outdated and would register results like this.

"Oh Lightwood, you dog, well I knew he would need me one day." She said with a grin and then walked back and sat down on the command chair. "Ok set a course to the Olympus station, maximum warp. Engage when you got the course set."

Paddy looked to the Caotain "Course laid in and ready to go at warp 6" he said pushing some buttons and feeling the jolt of the warp as they hit slip stream "When we Get in comms distance would you like me to Hail captain?" Paddy asked.

T'Lara looked to Paddy. "Yes, but hail the Hades. I want to see the look on Lightwood's face when he sees me." When he looked weirded to T'Lara she just straightened her back. "he cleared her throat. "Well, it has been a while since I seen captain Lightwoord."

Paddy looked to them both "Aye Aye" he said pushing the buttons on his console.

Gente looked on from the science officer station. He was doubling duty with the science officer. He started to scan the the area ahead. He wondered why the USS Hades, was not withdrawing to a safe position.

Paddy was pulling double duty whilst there comms officer rested up in the medical bay "Captain T'Lara We have the hades on our sensors and Hailing freqencies are open" He said pushing his chair over to the comms station "USS Hades this is the USS Demetor Please Respond" He said waitinf for the responce.

Colin was in his chair when the hail patched through "This is The Hades, Demetor how far are you?" He asked, as he looked to Kitt "Liutennant Kitt Patch it through to the view screen for me?" he said smirking "Kendra Any chance we can get a lock on there postion?" he asked as he looked to the crew.

Kendra scanned her station's read-outs. "There is a Class 12 Ion Storm in the area, so I can lock on, but I can't guarantee how accurate it might be." She added. "But I will do my best as always."

Colin's smirky face appeared on the screen. T'Lara got up from her chair holding her hands behind her back. "Captain Colin Lightwood. It is a pleasantry to meet you again." She tried to with hold her emotions in her voice, but she knew that Colin always saw trough her. She was very good at acting her Vulcan part. But her past has made it harder for her to be Vulcan.

Colin breathed a sigh of Relief "Captain T'Lara its been to long" He said smirking "Well looks like you going to make good on that favour you owe me?" He said winking as he sat back down "How far out are you from Olympus Station?" he asked looking to everyone on the bridge.

"We are very close, captain," T'Lara replied. "And, yes, I am here to repay that favor. Maybe afterwords you can invite me for a drink and maybe show me what your ship has to offer." She looked around his bridge in jest. "Maybe have a little crew exchange. Might be good for my crew as well. A little change of scenery. But for now, what did you plan to do here? Going on your own to a base surrounded by klingons." She made her way to the office. "How about we continue this conversation in private. Ensign, keep an eye on those klingons."

Colin smirked "I'lll have my crew prepped captain, hows my favorite student doing? i trust Mr O'Donnaghue much like his brother is serving the demetor well?" He asked as he looked to his view screen "You better get here fast T'Lara these klingons arnt messing around one ship vs four D7 cruisers i dont like my odds" He said laughing "Kendra pull up our Tactical map give me the best angle for this attack, Mai i need you to advice" He said looking to them both "Hussle up we dont have all century ladies" He said smiling.

"Mr. O'Donnaghue is doing fine. So, now that I don't owe you anymore, maybe a drink is in order?" She just looked at him. But she was silently taunting him and he knew it.

"Oh and by the way, Colin, I have your package on board. Better get your crew prepared. I read her personnel file. She is a feisty one. From what I read. And she has caused quite some disturbance on your ship. Why would you want her back?"

Colin laughed "Glad to hear my favourite student is doing well" he ssaid looking at T'Lara she was taunting him and he knew full well "Ahh yes Clara whil;st she has caused a stir with this current mission we will need her fiesty nature ill just have to keep her away from mr hughs " he said laughing "Sure ill have the cerberus lounge prepped for you and your crews arrival" he said looking at her with squinted eyes.

"Alright," T'Lara replied. "But first, I believe you need a little help here. How about we, how do you humans say it, kick some ass?" She face was emotionless, but her eyes told a different story.

Colin looked on and smiled "Good to have you with us T'Lara lets go and kick some klingon ass" He said looking to his crew "Crew Battlestations hold on to your butts this is going to be a long battle" He said turning his chair to look at mai "Ensign prime those weapons were gunna need em" he said looking towards the throng of kling on ships.
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