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Doors of the Past

Posted on Mon Aug 19th, 2019 @ 7:18am by Ensign Kendra Ellis & Lieutenant JG Arthur King

Mission: Olympus Has Fallen
Location: Hanger Bay and Shuttle Pod

King had to schedule his recert for when he wasn't on duty in Sickbay. Being Acting CMO, he was always on call. His Recert came up for Flight. At least for his First Response Recert, he could get on a treadmill and record his morning PT, just officially on record, then send it to the XO. Then he could spar a MACO and they make a report. This required maneuvering of schedule and showing up. He walked into the shuttle bay ten minutes early than the appointment was set for. He stood at ease. He wore tactical pants and a tshirt. The MACO tattoo which marked him as a Field Intel Operator was on his forearm. He hand enlisted in Starfleet, served, and then gone to OCS at the Academy, which is why he was older than most academy graduates and a prettier Cert lists than someone of his rank.

Kendra walked into the Hangar bay and was reviewing something on an Electronic clipboard, so she wasn't fully aware that she wasn't alone until she looked up at the other man. "Oh, Hello there you must be Lieutenant King, " She extended her hand to the man. "I am Ensign Kendra Ellis, Chief Navigator of the Hades."

King gripped her hand. He was older than many LtJgs, but he was enlisted first. He had already gone to medical school. War broke out, he enlisted instead of going to the Academy, War oveolr, he went to OCS and promoted up. "You can call me King. You in charge of making sure my flight certifications are up to date?"

Kendra smiled slightly. "That I am, at least according to the Duty Roster." She stated. "Don't let my youthful charm fool you. I am more experienced than you think." She cocked her head to one side. "It says here you aren't due for a requal for another 2 months, any reason for getting it early?"

King looked at her, "With my Starfleet Background, it is better to have it scheduled and done earlier, than get deployed and not have it." He didn't go into much detail about his background. "I did a lot of assignments that had an automatic inquiry after the fact. One I not dotted or T Crossed could slow up an inquiry. Slow inquiry means suspension of duties. If I am suspended from duty, it pisses off rank when I do my job as a doctor."

Kendra just nodded. "That does make sense." She said. "So a full requal then, why don't you do start doing a quick walk around the Shuttle, i want to see how you look over your bird." She said. "Why does a doctor want to remain current as a pilot anyways, surely things are more interesting as a Doctor."

He grinned, "Starting exterior PreTrip." He walked around eyeballing and using a tricorder. He was thorough. "I had my first degree at 15. I was an MD before I enlisted in Starfleet. I hold a couple of PHDs on top of that now." He came back, "Ma'am, no signs of cracks, leaks, or damage to the nacelles or hull." He resumed his statement. "At 18, I sparred the Starfleet Enlisted and Officer Martial Arts Champions. I held my own. My Father is a King. My mother is a Walker. I am Self Reliant. Besides, being on an away mission and your pilot is shot and no one else can fly, that just sucks and not in a good way." He waggled his eyebrows.

"I see." Kendra said. "It doesn't hurt to be multifaceted and multi skilled during a time of war." She added. "We definitely could use a few more pilots on the Hades."

He stepped through the door of the shuttle. He started the boot up and start up procedure. As soon as the start up procedure completed, he put in a memory card similar to the one replicators used. A song from the 21st Century started to play, PTSD by Tech N9ne. Then he started his Pretrip Procedures and System Checks.

Kendra was impressed with how well he was handling the shuttle. "When exactly did you last go out as pilot?" Kendra asked as she ducked through the shuttle hatch.

King looked at her, "This is my first long term duty assignment. Before this, I was assigned to an Intel Unit. It is safe to assume I flew at least once a month." He didn't give her a straight answer, but he told as much truth as he could.

"Careful I might start assigning you to helm shifts on the Bridge, the Mid-Watch, Midnight to 0400." Kendra said with a sly smile.

He grinned, "Officially, I am not qualified as a Helmsman on a Starship. I don't want that skillset added to my list." He never said that he couldn't or hadn't done that. "You screw me like that, you could at least cook me dinner first."

"I don't cook dinner, why bother when there are perfectly good food sequencers for that." Kendra smiled. "Alright, I have already cleared us with the Bridge and Deck Officer for launch." She added.

He heard her statement. It was still part of procedure, so he checked the Ship Communications Correspondence. He saw the read out. "That is a shame. I will have to make you my Chicken Cordon Bleu. It is far better that what is on the sequencer."

Kendra nodded towards King. "Why don't we see how you fly first, then we can see if you warrant any more of my time." She added as she adjusted her console slightly. "After all, I am a very busy woman, it is war time after all."

King did the lift on, signaled to open the shuttlebay, and proceeded fly out. "Flying is the easy part." His hands moved across the control panel with easy. Not overcooking the bacon before I put it in chicken is another matter." He flew towards the asteroid belt in this region of space. He didn't ask or wait for directions. He was however doing maneuvers right off the testing list, in order. "Three kinds of cheese, fresh garlic, basil, and spinach."

Kendra rolled her eyes. "Let's see how you grade, first then whatever comes, comes." she said simply.

King was coasting, when the sensors went nuts. They had fallen into a spacial eddy. He didn't panic. He simply reduced the power from the engines. "Hades, be advised we have fallen into a surprise eddy." The response was weak and distorted. He was reviewing all of the sensor data. He was interested in a repeating bump every time they went around. "This could kill us, but if we stay, we definitely die. These scans, say a tractor beam won't work. I have an idea." He had a grin on his face. He sat back in the pilot's seat. "Be ready with secondary and tertiary stablizers." He was serious and yet cocky at the same time. He timed the bump and cranked up the engines hard. It was like skipping a rock and they were out, but they almost hit the Hades as they were bounced out.

"Well that was fun." Kendra said as she pulled up the sensor records and navigational charts. "No other ships has encounter a spatial eddy here, and the last ship to map this section was the USS Lister, last year." She added.

King looked at her, "Eddies are just like their oceanography counterparts. Some come and go, others are so small they wouldn't effect a ship, just a small boat. However, you know this better than me, I assume."

"Most Starship sensors, especially on survey vessels like the Lister are able to detect even small eddies, as they have the potential to severely damage or disrupt a Starship's warp field. " Kendra said. "However you are correct, this could have just formed, but the question is why, what's different than a year ago."

He grinned, "Other than picking up a few things, that isn't my ball game. My ball game is getting into and out of messed up situations while listening to 20th and 21st century music. That and surgery while ill equipped."

"We should get back to the Hades, and see if their sensors can see anything ours can't." Kendra said. "Course plotted, The Hades carries a much more sophisticated senors suite than we do." She added as she quickly plotted a course back to the Hades.

He grinned and started to guide the shuttle back, "So I lightly cook the bacon with brown sugar, chili powder, garlic, and ghost pepper sauce first. It will still be soft and wiggly, not quite bacon yet. Then I put that in the chicken with the cheeses and Spinach leaves."

Kendra shot a glance over her shoulder at Arthur. "I think there will be time to discuss dinner, at a more appropriate time. " She turned her attention back to her panel, and quickly worked her controls.

King flew along the plotted course, "Hypoglycemia. Dinner is always an important topic." He grinned.

Kendra just shook her head. "Stand by for docking, preparing to secure the engines." She said simply. "Anomaly problem first, possibility of dinner later." She said quickly as the shuttle crossed the threshold into the shuttle bay. She set the shuttle down on the deck with a dull thud.

King went through the post trip procedures, "King to Astrometrics Lab." When he got a response. "Prepare for a data transfer." He looked over and grinned, "Did I pass recert?" He wasn't moved by the fact that if he had failed in the eddy, they could have died. He had been in too many situations like that in his life.

Kendra smirked and shook her head slightly. "I will give you the pass," She said standing up. "However for now we should report in and see if we can get to the bottom of this mystery."

He grinned, "Not my mystery. That is for Navigation and Astrometrics. I'm just a doctor." He winked at her as he completed the post trip. "Even before I was just a doctor. My job was to make a mess and leave standard Starfleet to clean it up. Do you need a broom?"

Kendra just looked over at the doctor for a second. "Nope, good thank you." She said shaking her head slightly. What was she going to do with him, she wondered. But those were thoughts for another day, for now she had a mystery to start to try and figure out.

King's comm beeped, "Sickbay to Dr King. Can you come to Sickbay?"

King responded, "On my way." He grinned at Chloe, "Turnabout is fairplay. Someone probably made a mess for me. Have a nice day." He got up to leave just in case it was a priority or emergency.

"I will let you know when i am free to pop by Sickbay." Kendra said with a cheeky smile as she exited the launch bay.


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