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A MACOver of sorts

Posted on Sat Jun 1st, 2019 @ 9:52pm by Commander Dorian Willams & Captain T'Mar

Mission: Olympus Has Fallen
Location: Ready room
Timeline: Current

Dorian was sitting in Colin's read room. Now his looking at a padd. Now that he was a CO he needed an XO. And he'd been spending hours looking at padds. Basically reading everyone's files and coming to the same conclusion for each one. "Keep em in the jobs."

That only left one, the Marine CO. "Best I can do is offer." He said before pushing a control. "Captain T'Mar. Report to the ready room please."

"On my way, sir." T'Mar replied as she made her way from the marine deck to the the captain's ready room. As she arrived she pressed the chime and waited to be let in.

"Enter." he said. "Wow. that was fast." he thought to himself as he waited for the marine to enter

She walked in and up the desk. "Captain T'Mar, reporting as ordered, sir!" She stood at attention as was expected of marines.

"At ease, Captain." Dorian said. "Can I get you anything?" He asked, back slightly turned.

"Some tea would be nice," T'Mar said. She didn't know why he wanted to see him for. She took a seat. "Oh ehm, some chamomile tea please."

Dorian came back with the Captain tea. He handed it over and sat down at the desk. "Do you know why I sent for you?" He almost facepalmed. He knew the question sounded stupid before he even asked it.

"No, I don't, sir," T'Mar said and continued, "But I think it might have something to do with your recent promotion to the captain of this ship. And the transfer of certain members of the crew."

"You'd be right." Dorian said. "Well, that makes things easier. Well.." he began. "I'll cut to the chase then. I know that you have your unit to run. But I need a good officer, with command experience. Logical seeing as Im an engineer by trade." He took a breath.

"So, In short. Will you consider being my XO?"

T'Mar thought about that a moment and then replied. "My unit is my unit. I know that won't change with my decision. That being said, I would consider being your first officer. In fact I think if you follow the chain of command, I am a logical choice to be your first officer. I will accept."

"Thank you, Captain." He said. "Now that it's settled, business. We have two incoming transfers. Comms and Science. I'm suggesting we each take one " Dorian said.

"Alright, I will take the science officer. I know my way to the office." Her face was as serious as ever, but everyone could hear the suggestive sarcasm.

"Good deal." Dorian smirked.


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