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Senior staff meeting

Posted on Mon Jul 22nd, 2019 @ 12:57pm by Commander Dorian Willams & Ensign Kendra Ellis & Lieutenant JG Rajirr Rrareth & Captain T'Mar

Mission: Olympus Has Fallen
Location: Ready room
Timeline: Current

It had been a few days since the crew of the Hades stormed that base and morale was low. Understandable, the federation was at war. Commander lightwood was incapacitated. So there was a sigh of ",Now what" as the communication came from Starfleet command.

Dorian sat at the conference table, nursing a coffee as he waited for people to file in.

"Morning Commander." Kendra nodded as she sipped from her coffee and walked into the room.

"Morning Ensign." He said

"I trust that you are doing well." Kendra stated. "As well as can be expected after the events of the last few weeks anyways."

Dorian nodded, sipping on coffee. "As well that can be expected." He half smiled. "Yourself?"

"As well as can be expected I guess as well, been focused on those in my department, and doing my best to make sure nothing else surprises us." Kendra sipped at her coffee. "Nothing that a few months leave won't cure." She half joked.

Dorian chuckled. "I totally agree. After we get back from whatever Starfleet wants well have to stop off somewhere for a rest." He grinned.

Rajirr slipped into the room and took his seat.

T'Mar walked in to the room and silently took a seat next to Dorian. She looked around the room, but she didn't feel any urge to say anything.

Dorian nodded to T'Mar and Rajirr.

"Sounds wonderful actually," Kendra stated. "It will be nice to get away for bit, even if it is a fantasy."

Dorian nodded

Once everyone had assembled the readyrooms screen came to life, showing the face of Admiral Cornwell. "Commander." She said in greeting

"Admiral." Dorian replied.

Kendra sat down and looked at the Admiral's face as she awaited whatever the news was.

"I'll keep this brief, Commander." The Admiral said. "Starfleet sensors in the Andorian sector have caught something rather.. interesting."

"Interesting, Admiral? Klingon activity?" Dorian asked.

"No, human." She said. "I'll play it for you." And she did.

What followed was a distess call with old United Earth codes. "Sensors also reported "screwy readings" to use their terms. They suspect temporal, but illleave it in your hands now to investigate " were the Admirals final words.

"Ok, that's interesting. Comments?" Dorian said

"It wouldn't be hard for the Klingons to get their hands on old earth codes, numerous starships where lost, whose to say where they ultimately ended up." Kendra stated. "I may only be an Ensign but I recommend caution."

"A definite possibility." Dorian said. "But if it is an old UE ship they'd be hopelessly outgunned if Klingons should show."

Kendra just nodded and took a sip of her coffee, as she still felt uneasy about the whole deal but she would follow her superior officer's lead.

"So we'll go in ready to fight." Dorian began. "Lieutenant Morris, do you agree?"

"This is most interesting," T'Mar interrupted. "Is there no report from the Andorian Imperial guard, or are they leaving it to starfleet?" She inquired.

"I assume Starfleet." Dorian replied. "But we can definitely hail them en route. Never hurts to ask."

"That would be wise, sir," T'Mar said. "As you said the ship is not a treat, but we never be to careful."

"Agreed." The CO nodded

"How updated are the star maps of the area?" Kendra asked.

"According to my info, about a week old." Dorian replied.

"Not bad for war time." Kendra smirked. "Should be enough to plot us a course, and have an escape route, should we get jumped while finding out what is out there."

"Exactly." Dorian nodded. "Any other questions? Anyone?" He waited a while. "Ok. Everyone get your departments ready. Dismissed."


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