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Taking the Base

Posted on Thu Mar 7th, 2019 @ 5:25am by Lieutenant JG Aeron Hughes & Lieutenant JG Edward Madge & Ensign Kendra Ellis & Commander Anatoly Cherdenko & Captain T'Mar & Lieutenant JG Chris Myles & Lieutenant JG Lucinda Visser & Ensign Rin Pott

Mission: Olympus Has Fallen
Location: Starbase Olympus

Again the marines were asked out. T'Mar walked past the troops and just said, "I think we had this a lot of times, so I will skip the introductions. Team Beta will secure the lower decks. The MACO's will take the middle decks. My team will secure the operations station. Weapons on stun, we may have hostages. Let's move out!"

Eddy was up against the wall, all of his equipment lay at his his feet. "Aye, Captain," he said, picking up his rifle and moving closer to the throng of marines. "Remember we have intel to collect and people to save. See to it we do our best ladies and gents," he spoke after T'mar.

Aeron was the smallest at this meeting. He felt so small against all the large backdrops of the marines. He looked at the Shuttle in front of him. Stepping in, as he pressed the buttons and sat down in the co-pilot seat grabbing his head set. "Cadet Hughes, signing on," he said, priming the engines and waiting for the marines to enter.

Aiden gathered up his team and waited for Alpha team to board the shuttle. There was always an order to these things. He didn't feel like he needed to say anything, considering they all knew what they were up against for the most part. He still wasn't sure exactly what the Klingons were after on the base, but whatever it was they had to do their best to not let them have it. It just wasn't like Klingons to even leave a base alone like these were. Why didn't they just come in, weapons blazing, like they always did before. Aiden had seen a lot of combat. A lot of combat with Klingons and none of them had ever behaved this way. They were usually so predictable that Aiden could almost call the shots of a battle before it ever happened. Not this time and it bothered him that he didn't know why.

Kendra walked into the bay looking over a final checklist on her datapad. She looked up and spotted Cadet Hughes and First Lieutenant Aiden standing near the shuttle in the center of the room. She walked confidently up to them. "Good day gentlemen, everything in order?" she asked, with a smile on her face.

Aiden smiled back at Kendra and nodded. "Will you be joining us today, Ensign? Shuttle team, I take it?" He hoped that the Fleeters didn't send Ensigns into combat very often. "I hope you're ready, this might get a little sticky." He chuckled and rubbed his hands together. To be honest, he was more than ready to get going, but the military often ran on 'hurry up and wait' timetables.

Kendra cracked a playful smile. "I am your pilot, First Lieutenant." She said as her smile grew ever more slightly. "So you best be nice to me or else I may just have you space sick long before we reach the destination," she added as she looked back down to the tablet she was carrying.

"Oh!" Aiden said and then chuckled. He rubbed his hands together, looking at Kendra. "I see how it is. It's kinda cute that you think I could actually get space sick. I have a little more experience than a few bumpy rides, Ensign. I have every faith that you'll do your job."

Chris walked in, trading in his white uniform for combat duds. Which was good in his opinion. "Hate to stand out." He laughed as he boarded the shuttle. He waved to everyone. "Hi!" he said, more than a little cheerfully.

Aiden chucked. "Well, at least someone is in a good mood."

T'Mar came to the shuttle with her team. She stepped on to the shuttle. She opened her communicator. "This is captain T'Mar to USS Demetor Maco unit. Please proceed to the middle decks. Demetor and Hades will give you cover fire."

Kendra looked around at the MACOs assembled around her. "Looks like that is our cue." She said as she hugged the PADD close to her body and stepped onto the Shuttle and moved towards the controls.

Aiden took a seat on the shuttle and strapped himself in. "Good to go!" he said with a grin and a thumbs up.

Kendra just nodded as she quickly input a couple of commands into her console. "Shuttle pre-start is underway. Everything is looking green across the board. We are good to go," she reported. "Awaiting final clearance codes."

Aeron buckled in and pressed the pre flight checks "All marines hold onto ur butts this going to be bumpy, Kendra you ready for flight?" he looked to kendra and teh rest of the marines "Lets get this show on the road"

Kendra nodded to Aeron as she tapped the Communications button on her console. "Shuttle One to Flight Ops, Completed final checks, board is green, requesting clearance to depart." She said without any second thought.

***USS Demetor***

"This is Sergeant Major Garland," came a male voice over the com. "My unit is at the shuttle. Waiting for Commander Cherdenko to take us out, Sir."

Anatoly left the bridge and hurried to the shuttlebay

"Sir, Marine Captain has ordered us to go take the middle decks of the base," said the Sergeant Major. "Ready for departure, Sir." He stood at attention.

"Go" Cherdenko replied

"Shuttles ready to fly here, sir," Rin said.

The shuttles sped off towards the base as the two ships moved in to draw the fire of the Klingon vessels.

To be continued!

Marine Captain T'Mar
Marine Commanding Officer
USS Hades

*Ltjg Chris Mykes
USS Hades
(Rin Pott

*1st Lieutenant Aiden Merrick
Marine Executive Officer
USS Hades

*Cadet Aeron Hughes
Alien Anthropolgy
USS Hades


Ensign Lucinda Visser
Language Specialist
USS Hades

*Staff Sergant Edward Madge
Encrption Specialist
USS Hades


Sergeant Major Roland Garland
MACO Unit leader
USS Demetor
NPC (MCaptain T'Mar)


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