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Even a Doctor Can't Mend a Broken Heart (Part 1)

Posted on Sat Feb 24th, 2018 @ 10:51am by Lieutenant Scott Hayes

The cargo bay was a hive of activity with the final preparations underway for the last of the supplies to be transported to the Hades. Scott Hayes, the newly promoted Chief Medical Officer, was in overseeing the process, ensuring his last-minute specifics were being treated with the utmost care. He was shouting across the open space for crates to be placed in specific locations when he felt a set of familiar arms come from behind him, wrap around his waist and pull him in tight. "You don't have to go you know," a man's voice said as a kiss was placed on his neck. "Wait, now you tell me?" Scott began to reply as he allowed himself to melt into his lover's embrace, "Weren't you the one on the staffing committee who put me forward for more active duty assignments than being stuck at Medical in a research lab?"

"I knew that would come back to bite me one day," the still mystery man retorted, holding Scott quite close, despite the two still to look at each other, "You can always change your mind you know and stay."

"That isn't happening now Richard," Scott smiled as he managed to turn himself around in the embrace without breaking contact. "We agreed, the fleet needs people out there. Things aren't going our way, despite our best efforts and what is publically known. I mean, if they are pulling Admirals out of their stuffy offices and giving them ships of their own again." The young man's face screwed up a little, apparently teasing his partner.

"Even we Admirals make mistakes sometimes," Richard began, pulling away from Scott finally, "If it weren't deemed inappropriate, I would have you on my ship. Anyway handsome, I just wanted to check in as I went to check on the status of my ship. The crew change over should be almost done, and we will be ready to head out the start of next week."

"And we are out sometime tomorrow. Anyway, you get all your things done, and I will see you at home. I think I will be a little bit later than usual. I have a few crew files to go over and hopefully accept."

The pair exchanged a few more pleasantries and their last fond embrace before heading about their business. Scott would be correct; it would be several hours before he got to the residence the pair shared, instead he decided to head home early, have dinner and continue the rest of his work from home. He wouldn't be prepared for what he found though.


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