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At the end of the refir

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Star Fleet HQ:

Star Fleet Morale and Welfare Dept.

Office of the Inspector General - Class room

"Ok ladies and gents. As the Morale and Welfare Specialist, it is your job to come up with creative things to do while the crew of your ship are off duty. Since most ships work on a three shift pattern, each shift should have someplace to go and hang out and have fun, or at the very least take their minds off the job during down time."

He took a moment and changed the scene on the screen.

"There are many items in the pipeline for the future as you can see. But until we get these new items on all of the ships in the fleet, it's your job to keep up the morale of your crew." and he changed the slid.

"The list you see here is on each of your padds. Try to space out the activities so they don't get bored. All the equipment you will need is on the ship and you can replicate stuff that you need, with your Captains approval of course. So that the end of the course. Take your pads with you and your orders are as follows." And he read off the list of names and where they were assigned. Saving what he thought was the very best for last.

"Ms, French. I have to say I'm jealous. During your time here you have excelled above and beyond! Your attention to detail and your desire to serve as really made me remember why I joined this department. I am awarding you this plaque to take with you and put in a place of pride in your office so everyone will know that you are the real deal! Congratulations young lady, you're gonna go far." And that's when the clapping started.

She blushed of course, but the fact of the matter is, she did not like being praised in this manner. As she received the plaque, she looked around the room. And acknowledged each one of her class mates and friends.

"You guys are amazing. Anyone of you could be up here getting this. Fact of the matter is you all inspire me, and I'm happy to know you all. I know this Plaque is voted on by all,of you. That's the one thing that makes it more special than anything I've received thus far in my life. Thank you so very much! I'm humbled and look forward to bumping into any of you out there working with me to keep up the Morale of our troops. Thank you for the opportunity to get to know you all." And she took a bow and went back to her seat.

"Ok, you all have your orders. Attention!" As they all stood and came to attention. "DISS MISSED," said the department head in a stern voice.

Three of the girls in Melissa's class came to see where she was going. The class consisted of yeoman working for the Captain of their ship and Morale and Welfare officers. So some of hem would be working together.

"Where you going girl?" Asked one as she looked to see her posting.

"USS HADES for me guys!" She said " It's been refit. And there should be a few modcons on board. I'm really looking forward to it."

"Well it looks like you won't be getting rid of me, cause I'm on the HADES also." She one of the others, and then another and another. All in total, Melissa was taking three of her classmates to the HADES with her. All working in different sections of the ships operations section.

Just then, a call went out to all the crew of the HADES to report to the ship for duty. It was crewing up to depart in the very near future.

Yeoman Melissa French (NPC)
Morale & Welfare Officer
Bravo Fleet


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