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Lieutenant JG Aeron Hughes

Name Aeron Martin Hughes

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Hman
Age 23

Physical Appearance

Height 5.5
Weight 10.5 Stone
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Aeron Stands at around five feet and five inches, his shoulders broad and his hair cut into a short back and sides, in a classic style quiff. His skin is quite clear save for his beard which is cut into a goatee style. His uniform is always pressed and ready for him to start his shift.

Out of duty Youll find the young ensign wearing black t-shirts, black jeans and boots. He was always fond of the darker shades, He either wears your typical military grade boots or twelve hole Doctor Martens.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father David Paul Hughes
Mother Selena Constance Hughes (Nee;Williams)
Brother(s) Ethan Rou Hughes (Starfleet Academy Security Major)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Aeron is your typical welsh man, brash and straight to the point, with the welsh fire attitude to go with it. Among many other things you'll notice this helmsman runs on sarcasm and an unhealthy amount of Tea. He's straight to the point however if you decide to get on his wrong side, You'll find that he prefers to talk with his fists over the tongue he was granted at birth.Aeron is also Bisexual, so he finds both sexes attractive.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Kind (to a point but dont push it)

Not tolerant of Disloyalty
Shoots First asks questions later
Rigid (He wont be Swayed when he's decided something)
Anger issues
Ambitions To Eventually Become a Fully Fledged Science Officer
To FInd love
To Take the Command Course At Starfleet Academy
Hobbies & Interests Reading
Thai Boxing
Learning about Alien Species and their Culture

Personal History Aeron Hughes is the son of a Starfleet Intelligence officer, by the name of David Paul Hughes. The Hughes family hail from the windy reaches of Wales in the united kingdom. All through his childhood Aeron wanted to join Starfleet, of course Aeron is one of two children born one year apart Ethan Rou is his younger brother and is currently studying to become a Starfleet Security officer, with the hop to graduate next year. Aeron Whilst his father served with Starfleet was made to stay at home with his mother and grandfather, all the while he just wanted to travel the stars like dear old dad.

However even from a young age he found alien species just fascinating, His father encouraged him to learn all he could.School was a bucket of fun for Aeron, It was quite early in his teens that eh realised he was bi-sexual, having gone to a party he slept with one of closest friends who was openly gay. This prompted a relationship that would last well into his 17th birthday, when he decided to join starfleet acadamy on his father's request.

He has majored in Alien Anthropology, he finds it facinating.With the current war going Aeron aims to try and understand klingon dialect and culture infact he is doing his graduation dissertation on Klingon Culture and Myths. His father has requested that he be placed on The USS Hades for his final round of Residency. Aeron is now being stationed aboard the USS Hades to complete his final residency in hopes of becomig an Ensign after he graduates hoping that his new commanding officer will sign off his permanent Residency aboard the Hades.
Service Record Starfleet Acadamy (Alien Anthropology)
Assigned USS Hades (Cadet Junior Grade)