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Just a Regular Check Up

Posted on Fri Aug 2nd, 2019 @ 11:13am by Captain Colin Lightwood & Lieutenant JG Edward Madge

Mission: Olympus Has Fallen
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: TBC


It had been yet another long day in Sickbay for Scott, it was fast approaching early evening when most people would be changing shifts and headed to dinner. Not Scott, he was still in Sickbay, still working away. While there was much more staff about, getting through all the continued initial medicals, the follow-ups and everything else that was going on, it left the Chief Medical Officer little time for much else. He rarely left other than to eat and sleep. His to-do list was getting longer and longer each day.

Excusing himself for a moment, Scott went to his office to change his uniform for the third time that day. The one thing they never really tell you in Medical School, exactly how messy the job could be. It was at this point Scott's thoughts turned to the Captain. He hadn't heard from him in what felt like a few days and decided it was time for a check-in. As he removed his uniform jacket, Scott turned to the wall panel in the room and pressed the comm button, "Hayes to Commander Lightwood," he paused, waited for a response and continued to get changed as he did so.

Colin and Eddy, had been in the bar, a catch up so to speak. They hadent rally had chance since eddy had come aboard. When the wall communicator buzzed, promopting colin to walk over to it "Commander lightwood to Doctor Hayes im on my way" Colin smiled to Eddy "Looks like you get some one on one time with the doc finally" He said clapping Eddy on the shoulder "I hate doctors and you know this" Eddy winced as he looked at colin "This is one has the touch though" He said winking at eddy again "Hes still a doctor i havent liked doctors since that time in school" eddy said as the motioned towards the door. Making for sick bay.

Having just finished changing, Scott exited his small office, arms stretched still putting on his jacket, "You guys don't wait about do you?" Scott joked. He went over to his personal instruments and picked up his medical scanners and datapads. "Nice you see you again Captain," Scott smiled, his cheeks flushing a little, "and nice to meet you, Sergeant Madge. You arriving just now saves me a call tomorrow morning. I can get your initial medical done and out of the way." With it being a little later on, Sickbay was down to a minimal staff. "If you wouldn't mind taking the empty beds over there? Just sit yourselves down and get comfortable. Sergeant, I'm sure yours will be over in a matter of moments and Captain, I just wanted to check in again after your last visit here." Scott was trying to suggest why he wanted to see the Captain without breaking any confidentiality.

Colin Smiled "As it is nice to see you too Doctor" He said looking around sick bay, before taking his postion on the bed, watching eddy squirm "Ed its a check up your not having spleen removed" Colin said as he looked to the doctor "Go easy on this one doc he hates medicals and doctors are like his nightmares" colin said as he looked to scott.
Eddy gingerly stepped over to his bed "I hate medicals but they are needed, im used to them now, but dosent take away the fact the last doctor i had around me had to stick a thermometor up butt" He said slightly wincing as he hopped onto the bed next to colin.

"Then your Doctor must have been acting unprofessional and had a crush on you," Scott winked, "You know we haven't had to do that in a very long time." He began scanning the Captain first, then the Sergent, all the while continuing to make small talk between them. "Most medicals these days are just this — a scan. You feel next to nothing if anything and they are usually over in a few minutes," he paused," Maybe fifteen at the most if your Doctor is as thorough as I am."

Colin laughed "No ones as good as you Doc" He said slapping eddy on the back "See like i said easy as pie Ed" he said as he contiued to listen "Its the Psyche evaluations you wanna worry about" he said laughing at eddy "Not that a shrink would go near you your to broken" he said laughing as eddy gave him a comedic glare "DOc look at him hes too cute when hes angry" He said ryffling his friends hair>

Eddy laughed "I'll give it to this one im tottally comfortable and that never happens" He said looking to colin "Oh shut up i passed my last one dident i" he said punching colin on the arm "Well im glad i dont have to have another thermometor up my arse, you have no idea how happy that makes me"

Scott let the cute comment wash over him and gave a small giggle, "Now for the psych evaluations, I am going to have to hand you over to Clarisa, our Head Nurse meets stand in Counsellor. Be prepared to bare your soul to her. She has a way of getting you to confess things you really don't want to. I need to keep in her good books, she knows far too much about me now that I am willing to admit." Walking over to the docking stations, Scott placed the equipment back, "Preliminary scans look good gentlemen, I'm just going to run the data through the computer, compare it to previous check-ups and get it all logged. Make yourselves comfortable, this may take a few minutes." The Doctor walked away to give the men a few moments of privacy, smiling at the Captain as he turned to his office.

Colin let a wave of relief fall over him, his tests had come back fine " At least we're both fine eh doc" he said as eddy got up "Anymore testing Doc?" They both said looking at him. It had been a while since Colin had even wanted to look at sick bay, the last time he was in here he had a mass mental brekdown and now he seemed to ve getting better.

"I would highly doubt it," Scott said with a smile, "as much as I would like to keep you here for company, you both have important jobs to do." The computer gave a few beeps and a report began to flash on his screen. "Sergeant, you are good to go. Captain, I need you to wait behind for a moment." He paused slightly to read the screen, "It is nothing serious, just something related to a prior visit I'd like to go over and give another once over to make sure." He once again got out his scanning equipment and motioned towards the bed for the Captain to take a seat again.

Eddy got up and left looking to colin "Look after him doc" he said looking to the doctor. Colin looked to the doctor "Is this about the break down doctor?" He asked, he wasent scared but my god he dident want to go over it "If so just give me a few minutes to prepare myself, its been a hard month for us all Scott" He said readjusting his postion to better feel comfortable.

"Part yes and part no," Scott began, "and since we are dropping formalities, I'm just worried, Colin. Weary is the head that wears the crown." He moved to the bed and sat up on the space beside him, "I wouldn't be forgiven if I didn't keep you back for a minute and just check in, see if everything is alright or if there is anything else I can do for you, to help." Scott blushed slightly, trying not to let his emotions show through.

Colin smiled as he looked to the doctor "No its totally fine check away doctor, its been a little crazy of late so pleae excuse my brash behaviour "Of late is been a bit bad in my head i wont lie im not coping for the lack of a better term im still feeling like im drowning but going through the motions at the same time" He said looking to him "Its not been good doc not even eddy knows the full extent of whats really going on" he said trying to stifle his emotions.


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