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Advice from Athena

Posted on Fri Aug 2nd, 2019 @ 11:12am by Captain Colin Lightwood & Captain Donatella Figueroa

Mission: Olympus Has Fallen
Location: Captain's Ready Room

Colin walked into his ready room and sat at his desk. "Computer contact the USS Mushai, Captain Donatella Figueroa subspace communication." He waited for Surak and Uma to join him. He walked over to his replicator and made three drinks, all tea, one of Vulcan origin. He waited for the subspace communication to patch through, sipping from his tea, as he heard the door open.

Surak was the first to step into the ready room from the bridge. He took a deep breath and helped himself to one of the chairs across from the Captain's desk. He sat and then tried to get comfortable in the chair, but didn't seem to have much success. "Captain, the Klingon ships have not moved."

Lieutenant Uma Kitt followed her friend and fellow shipmate, Surak into the Captain's Ready Room. She had taken a seat, with tea being offered she smiled. Usually, I am the one offering the tea, she thought to herself. "We could always light a fire under them if you want them to move," she said teasingly.

Colin laughed. "Lieutenant Kitt you make me laugh so," he said, handing her a tea. "That sounds like an idea, but I'm not sure we have enough torpedos," he said as he laughed. "Please take a seat Lieutenant."

The subspace communication was not perfect. There was some minor interference, but it was stable enough to get decent audio. Even with the subtle flicking obscuring a few words every so often, the trained ears of a Communications Officer and those of a Vulcan could probably make out anything lost in transmission. "Lightwood," came the woman's voice, quick to address him. "What can I do for you, Captain?" she inquired with a tone of curiosity in her voice.

Colin smiled as he heard the other captain's voice. "Captain Figueroa, we seem to have a bumped into an old adversary of yours," he said, sipping from his tea. "Olympus Station is under attack and I need to run a house sigil by you," he said tapping a few buttons and sending a picture of the house sigil to Fig. "Any thoughts you have would greatly appreciated," Colin said, as he looked at everyone.

"Colin," she said, in an almost motherly tone to the younger man. "I, unfortunately, do know quite a bit about this old adversary and he is not to be taken lightly," she said, as she knew of only one person who would make mention of her name in this manner. As she awaited the sigil to reach her console, her suspicions were confirmed. "Yes, It is as I suspected. This sigil is used by a Klingon, a veteran of the Four Years War and one of the most ruthless tacticians in the Klingon Empire," she said taking a moment to gather her thoughts and keep herself professional.

She had an uneasiness to the tone of her voice as she continued to speak. "His name is Ke'gak and he fights like no other Klingon before him. He fights with not only honor and bravado, but with an annoying charisma and arrogance that would get most men killed were it not for his ruthless tactics. He has tricks and strategies that Erwin Rommel would be proud of. If you engage him in battle, I warn you not to do so alone," she added sharply.

"Underestimate that Klingon and your crew will be nothing more than merrily slaughtered souls whose ashes will be spread among the stars, whose blood will be spilled with waiting goblets, and whose bones will adorn his hull."

Surak lifted his eyebrows, looking at Colin over the edge of his teacup. "I would prefer not to be a hull adornment, Captain."

Uma nodded in agreement, both with Surak and with what Figueroa had stated. "From my own past experiences aboard the USS Musashi, I will go on record and say that I agree with Captain Figueroa's assessment. We came across him a handful of times in the war. He captured and killed crew, nearly destroyed the ship itself more than I care to admit," stated Uma.

Colin listened intently, not only to his own crew, but to Fig as well. "So, tricky bastard then," he said, rubbing his chin. He was worried, of course he was. Colin spat out his drink. "Wow! So, he was forerunner in the war. I read your logs, Fig, but damn, it must have been terrible." He wasn't oozing anything but care for Fig. He had known her some time and she was one of the very reasons he was sitting in this chair today. He owed her alot and he never forgot that. This guy sounded like his worst nightmare. "Uma, can you try and make the channel a little clearer?" he asked, taking stock of the situation. "My second string of questions to you, Captain, what could such a vile Klingon want with a Starfleet Intelligence outpost this far from the Klingon territory?" he asked, sipping from his tea.

Surak took a deep breath. "I have to add, Captain. This is the most bizarre behavior I have ever seen from Klingon ships. For a Klingon that is so ruthless, why has he not just destroyed the station altogether? He brought more than enough fire power."

Colin had to admit Surak was right. "I have no clue what they're waiting for?" Colin contemplated it for a minute. He looked to Surak. "Any answers to our hails yet?" he asked the Vulcan.

Uma chimed in raising a finger. "Captain, to answer your question, no. There hasn't been much on communications. I feel as though that may partially be because of the Klingons," stated Uma. "You are both trying to analyze his actions and process it through logic and emotion. You try to filter it through your preconceived notions of what a Klingon is or should be," added the woman.

Captain Figuera's voice cut in. "Which is why you are failing, Colin," she said. "Ke'gak walks like a Klingon and swears like a Klingon, but he does not fight like a Klingon. He would rip out our throats in heartbeat should he hear this conversation, but Klingons fight for honour and glory. They will do so from the first blood shed until their dying breath. I do not believe Ke'gak cares too fondly of fighting to die and honorable death. He fights to fight another day."

Colin heard Uma's words. "Okay, when this briefing is finished, hail the station and then hail the Klingons. I want to see what I'm dealing with," he said, looking around the room. Fig spoke and Colin felt the air leave his lungs quicker than he could breathe. "Then I need to figure out what my next play is." He knew he was failing, of course he did, this was his first skirmish with a well known Klingon. "What would you do in my shoes Fig?" he asked the question. He looked up to the woman and she was great tactician. It had won her a lot of respect in eyes of others in Starfleet.

Surak fiddled with his PaDD while they waited for Captain Figuera's response. "Sir, I do not believe that we are going to be able to treat this as a normal encounter. I noticed, when I was looking at the scans, that they do not seem to be attacking the station at all. Perhaps there is something that they want here? Or that is... Commander Ke'gak wants..."

"Pleasure and satisfaction," interjected Captain Figueroa. "Ultimately that is what he seems to get off on. Typically, Klingons fight for some grandiose sense of honor from what we can tell, some let honor take a back seat and fight for the empire in order to expand... expand... expand their territorial claims. However, Commander Ke'gak is out for his own selfish reasons," stated Fig.

The woman took a deep breath and exhaled smoothly and shallowly. "If I were in your shoes, Colin, and believe me when I say I have worn those shoes 'til my feet were hollering, I'd fight tooth and claw if necessary with that Klingon scum. However, my best advice is for you to learn how to play poker fast and well," she said firmly. "Ke'gak is dangerously unpredictable," she added.

Colin did not like the sound of this. "We all know how well I play poker and that is not very good," he said, gulping down hard on his last words. "Unpredictable is something I don't like," he said, nervously laughing. "We'll fight tooth and claw. We will, Fig. I owe it to this crew," he said looking to both Uma and Surak.

Captain Figueroa spoke directly to Surak. "Lieutenant, Vulcan logic will bite you in your ass if you try to project and apply it to Commander Ke'gak," the Captain said swiftly.

Surak raised his eyebrows slowly and then nodded. "I will take your advice on that, Captain Figueroa. Insanity is often far from logical and the more I learn about this Klingon, the more that I believe him to be genuinely insane."

"My advice keeps starships intact and Captains in their seats" she replied simply. "Is there anything else gentlemen?"

Colin looked to his fellow captain "That should be all For Now Captain Figueroa I'll Be in touch" he said as he sat back down in his chair.


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