Patching Things Up

Posted on Thu Jun 17th, 2021 @ 8:19pm by Lieutenant Dr. Roger Harrison

Mission: Vengeful Rest
Location: Med Deck
Timeline: Current
Tags: Medical crew, Captain Lightfoot, open

0900 hours
Med Bay
Roger’s Surgery Suite

Lt. Roger Harrison, Chief Medical Officer for the USS Hades, stepped into the Med bay. Blue shirt was neatly pressed but his slacks were a little crumpled from sitting during breakfast. He held a mug of Barry’s tea in one hand, and a notepad in the other. He slipped in his examination jacket over his uniform, after setting the item carefully on a nearby counter. Smoothing the collar, he checked the pockets for his stethoscope, pens, mints, and chap stick. All was accounted for. A quick scan of the room promised that the Nurse had refilled the gloves, probes, and other necessary supplies. Fantastic. Time to get this show on the road. Picking up the notebook, and putting the stethoscope around his neck, he stepped forward. His lips parted and he spoke quietly, his British accent lilting a bit at the end of his sentence.

“Captain, how are you feeling today?” The man was heavily injured, as were several members of the flight squad and various crewmen. The man had just recently become conscious again. He hoped the pain management medications were helping.