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Hospital food...who needs that

Posted on Thu Jan 30th, 2020 @ 8:12pm by Captain Colin Lightwood & Commander Dorian Willams

Mission: Olympus Has Fallen

Dorian Williams, clad in new red uniform stood outside his CO's door. He was about to go in when he was stopped by a rather difficult looking nurse. "Excuse me, Commander. But where are you going with that sandwich."

"Sandwich? Oh you mean this? That's my lunch. I missed it because I was at Starfleet all day."

"Are you sure. The Captain is on a strict diet."

"Totally sure."

She nodded and cast Dorian a look before moving out of the way

Dorian smiled as he put his bag on a nearby table. "Colin? you awake?"

Colin reared his head to see dorian standing his doorway "For you dorian of course" he said wincing as he got up, the pain of it really showed on his face "How goes the acquisition of our new ship?" he said wincing once more, there new ship was to a constitution class. After his beloved walker class blew up in a flurry of shit and nails, starfleet offered him a brand new consitution class called the hades A.

"Been at Starfleet all day. Where I got this red...thing I'm wearing. " he laughed. "Admiral Clancy gave me the grand tour. Lord shes a beauty." He said, reaching into the bag. "Hope you like tuna." He grinned

Colin looked to him "Finally somthing that dosent taste like cardboard" he said taking the sandwhich " im glas whats she like armoury wise we got enough fire power to take those klingons down with us?" he asked looking to Dorian "dident get ur self a snadwhich?" he asked he knew dorians stomach was always growling.

"Shes got everything that the Enterprise has.." Dorian grinned, bringing out another sandwich."Definitely give em a ring for the money. You should see the bridge. Wow."

Colin smiled as at his sandwich "That stoney faced nurse out there shes a freaking riot" He said pointin"COmes in to flip my bed twice a day no bed side manner at all" He said laughing "In my absence i need you to find us a few new crew members Aeron and Jo will be leaving us for the demetor so were going to need a few new engineers and science officers" He said pondering his next thought handing a peice of paper on his bed side to dorian "I need you to speak to the admiral we need to get my cousin elena on board shes currently stationed on the saracen as a comms officer we will need her before we head out shes gotta recalibrate our comms systems" he said wincing a little "Got my crotch smarts a little bitch had to bring her boot down on teh one thing i need" He said pressing the side of his leg to stem the pain.

Dorian winced. "And here I thought having an arm blown off was bad." He chuckled. "Shame about losing the cadets. Shame they're still cadets. If I had my way they'd skip Ensign and go to jg. They've earned it."

Colin laighed as he ate the last of his sandwich "Actually thats you next port of call the admiral sighned off on there promotions i want you to go and give the good news as well as there brand new full time postions aboard the demetor" he said smiling "I would myself but im stuck in here so cant really do much" he said with a gesture with his hands.

"I'll bust you out soon, Colin. Count on it." Dorian grinned. "Meanwhile I'll se the Admiral. And the kids. Man they'll want to party."

Colin laughed again "Aeron,Jo and the dreaded the vulcan weasel known as Loki" he said wincing again "Keep that weasel out of the bourbon we all saw what happened when Aeron stupidly left his glass of whiskey out and the little crap head got drunk and started terrorising the medical staff"


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