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Taluhk nash-veh k'dular

Posted on Fri Sep 13th, 2019 @ 3:59am by Lieutenant T'Ryn Shannon & Lieutenant JG Arthur King

Mission: Olympus Has Fallen
Location: Sickbay

King was in his office. He was pulling extra duty. As CMO, he had to be on duty when new crew came aboard. He had doctors on his staff, but he never expected them to do all the work themselves. He got the call, "On your toes. We have new crew coming aboard." The new crew lined up on bio beds. Doctors were asking standard questions and taking memory cards with medical data on it. Doctors in his sickbay moved with almost military efficiency since he took over. He got to her first bio bed and looked up, and saw her, "Hi." His voice was softer when he saw her.

"Surprised Arthur?", T'Ryn said softly. She had tucked him down finally. She was bonded to him through a chance meeting years before and since then she had been searching for him. "It took me some years to do it, but now we are together for good. This is my post now as the CEO of the Hades", she added.

King looked at her, "I sent you messages after we last saw each other. You never responded back." He held his hand up so they could touch fingertips. "I was informed, it would destroy my career to pursue the daughter of an admiral." He held his hand up for her. "I left Intelligence for a regular post." He told something she already knew. He had left for her.

As their fingers touched, she immediately saw his happy spot. In return she planted a fond memory of their second meeting. "I did not respond as I knew I was coming here and as for my father, he sends his blessings. I do not know who told you that but you left your career for me and I know it", T'Ryn said.

King thought, 'I am still Starfleet. I am just working in a standard professional.' He spoke aloud, "We will continue this conversation. For now, do you have any aches and pains?" He used a tricorder as he took the memory card. He knew that she could read his thoughts. He thought, 'You are more than worth it. I wouldn't have you worried everytime my comm goes off if I would come back.'

T'Ryn thought back, 'That is why I said you would give up the evilness for the goodness you have in your heart'. Aloud, " No, I am in no discomfort but there is one that is in terrible pain on bio bed three doctor", she said.

King look at the doctor attending to the person on bio bed three, and the doctor answered that it was gastric distress caused by eating fruit on an away mission. The doctor prepared a hypospray. He thought to T'Ryn, 'Intelligence work wasn't evil, but it was no life. You were the one who helped me decide I wanted a life.' He signed off on everyone, except on biobed three, "He stays for an hour, then to be released." He thought to T'Ryn, 'Dinner later.'

T'Ryn returned the thought, 'Yes I would like that very much'. Verbably, "Thank you Dr. King for your time. I will report any discomfort to you immediately. You will also note in my medical record that soon I will enter into the Ponn Far. I assume you have the appropriate medications abord to help me through that?", she asked.

King looked at her, "I will need to research that further. I will put in a requisition to the Vulcan Science Academy for the information. We will deal with it as privately as you require." Vulcans were very quiet and reserved about this subject matter and a handful of others.

"Thank you doctor for your quiet discretion in this matter. Are we done Doctor? I must report to the captain and XO asap", T'Ryn said, looking King in the eyes. She could see deep into his eyes as he could not hide from her probing. She saw the sincerity in his heart thrpugh his mind.

King looked at her, "Nothing else at this time." He continued to think, 'I am still not a Vegetarian, like Vulcans. I still like fried chicken and potatoes.' His love of soul food was present in his thoughts and emotions.

"I know and I am not a full Vulcan either so I do eat meat", T'Ryn said softly to him smiling. "Remember I am also half Betazoid and I love tacos with cheese and beef filling", she added.

King grinned, and then looked around, people were looking at them, "Do we have a problem?" The people who were staring, just suddenly went to find something to do. "That's what I thought." His face was straight again, but he was happy inside, 'I will make you tacos later.'

"I would love that my beloved", T'Ryn said and kissed him gently on the lips. No one will ever know what was behind that kiss. The only ones that knew were King and T'Ryn.

-----------End JP------------


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