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Oh Honey Tartarus Is a place

Posted on Wed Mar 11th, 2020 @ 9:40am by Lieutenant JG Edward Madge & Lieutenant JG Aeron Hughes & Captain Colin Lightwood & Commander Dorian Willams & Captain T'Lara & Captain T'Mar & Lieutenant JG Josie Boone & Lieutenant JG Lucinda Visser & Lieutenant JG Chris Myles

Mission: Olympus Has Fallen
Location: Secret Room Aboard Hades
Timeline: During the Attack

Colin had awoken in the dark, the ship was being volleyed by the Klingons. His eyes fluttering open and shut, as teh pain from his wounds scrubbed him. Inside of him panic rose as he felt pain, eyes watching him from the darkness. Last thing he had remmbered he was on the bridge giving orders, now he was here and he dident understand why. He looked around "HELP ME!!!" he yelled into the either, Just as a punch hit his face "Colin Lightwood you never could really shut that mouth of yours could You" A voice spoke to him a familiar voice, a voice that had haunted his nightmares for months "Krissy....." he gulped looking into the darkness, her blond hair and blue eyes bounced into view "If only you knew what i have planned you" She spoke to him as she ran a knife across his face, Colin turned his face away, closing his eyes hoping this was nightmare "DORIAN!!!! DORIAN WHERE ARE YOU" he shouted another punch hit him and his mouth fell silent.


Aeron awoke on the floor of the bridge "Jesus H Christ" He said wiping the blood from his head "COmmander williams where are you?" He asked as he tried to get to his feet, looking at the total destuction that was the hades bridge "Josie? Josie? where are you?" The bridge was dark as hell and he couldent see anything, the computers were all off and now he felt like a lost man adrift in space "Commander lightwood? Has anyone seen the captain?" no answer, now the cadet was worrying no one on the bridge seemed to awake let alone alive.

Josie came too, and she almost wished that she hadn't. The bridge was a mangled mess of metal and fire. So much that the engineer side of her shuddered. Her ears were ringing but she was pretty sure she heard Aeron. She started to go to find him, only there was one problem. Debris on her leg. "Ahhh." She screamed.

"Aeron?! Is that you? I'm over here, got thrown to the viewscreen."

"JOSIE!! JOSIE! You ok? Thank the gods i though you were a gonner" he said getting to his feet to help her, he was dinged up preety bad, trying to lift the rubble on her "Commander I think we need a little help over here" He said dorian as he looked to him.

Commander Williams came to. "Did anyone get the number of whatever hit us?" He said, shaking the cobwebs loose. He got up, bracing himself with his "good arm" on what used to be the ops console.

King was having activities with an Ensign in her quarters when the ship shook. She said thank you. He answered, "I can't take credit for that." He got dressed and opened his comm, "King to Bridge." No response. "Get dressed and go to your station." He made it to sickbay finding no systems on along the way, finding the same in Sickbay. Every comm panel dead. He grabbed his medical bag. Transporter tags, medical kits, emergency communications beacons. Corpsman and EMTs came in and King spoke, "Get to the common areas and vital area, set up emergency triage. Use the emergency communications beacons. We can use them to communicate. Find engineers and get all the systems back online, emergency I am going to get to the bridge."

He grabbed one of his favorite weapons off the wall in his office, a Halligan Tool. It took him a while to get up the lift shaft to the bridge. He had to go up the ladder in the lift shaft. He started to pry the door open on the bridge. He got the turbolift doors, used his tricorder to scan the other side, then pryed open about two inches, "I am not happy at all. I was busy." He was prying the door the rest of the way open so he could crawl up. He still had lipstick on his ear from the Ensign. "Anyone alive up here?"

"Still kicking last time i checked." Chloe shouted back.

King got all the way up onto the bridge and standing. He made his way to those assembled, "Communications and pretty much every system except Emergency Life Support is down. Corpsmen and EMTs are setting up Triage in Common Areas. All we got is these emergency response radios for away missions until then."

"Whatever we were hit with, managed to knock out most of the secondary systems as well, but from what i can see, some are coming back online." Chloe reported. "At least the magnetic constrictors are still online."

King looked at Chloe, as the comm system starts to reboot. He grinned, "One of my guys checks in first, I get to make you dinner tonight."

"You got yourself a deal." Chloe winked. "But my money is on the Medical bay calling in or Engineering."

King grinned, "What do I get if you win? I win, you get a hot meal."

"A surprise," She said coyly. "A surprise"

King grinned, "A surprise. Really?" Suddenly, the comm system did a test. It was an Engineer who happened to be an EMT/First Responder. "Sounds like I win. That is one of my EMTs." He grinned at Chloe.

Chloe shot him a coy smile. "Well once we are out of this emergency you will just have to see what your surprise is."

King grinned, "Wait. I won. An EMT checked in first. That means I cook for you."

"Then I guess the surprise on me, but it will have to wait." Chloe gestured around her. "Or else who is going to clean up this mess."

King looked at the Commander, "Where do you want me to go, sir?" The computer started to reboot and the comms were still wonky. They started to play Crazy Train by Ozzy Osborne through the comms.

"I have never seen a computer act this way before, something has definitely fried some circuits and screwed something out, it will take weeks to sort out what needs to be sorted." Chloe half grumbled.

"That outta be fun." Dorian quipped.

"We can probably get rid of most of the bugs without heading back to Starbase, but I can't see how damaged the systems are until we get the mains back online." Chloe commented.

King grinned at Chloe, "A good reboot and system check has been known to fix problems. Better to start with the smaller fixes." The computer started to play Baby got back, the Throwdown version instead of the Sir Mixalot version. "That song is an interesting. It is a uncommon version. It wasn't in the computer files until I added it." He thought for a moment and looked at Commader Williams, using his Comm, "King to Command Williams." It seemed stupid being they were on the bridge together. The computer started to play something from Commader Williams playlist. "Interesting." For a brief moment, he looked Vulcanoid.

"Perhaps we just cut the computer's audio functions for now," Chloe shrugged.

King looked at her, "I wonder if the computer can't patch us through, but has found a way to notify people that someone is trying to contact them. Either that or I am grasping at straws and this is a coincidence."

"Perhaps switch it to the text only functions," Chloe suggested.

Aeron tried to get over to the console "All systems are broken" he said looking to the others "anybody else know what we should do in the captains absence?" He said voice it to the floor.

"We're in no condition to mount a search. Much less rescue anyone." Dorian said simply. "Yet." He looked around. "Heres my plan." He began, starting to raise his arm, which froze. "Wonderful." He said. "Anyway. Cadet Hughes, try to contact the Demeter. Boone, you help." He said, freeing his arm. King, wounded. Get Dr Myles to help. The rest of us will at least try to get what we can up."

King assessed the Commander'a Arm again. "I will check Sickbay again. I already got Triage being set up in the Chow Hall. If I find Myles, I will get him to the Chow Hall when I go." He spent a lot of time in military units and transports. He called it by there terms. "I came here in case it was a Foothold to see if I could cause enemies some problems. I sent Corpsmen and Security EMTs to Engineering." Foothold situations the enemy took a specific locations and command staff. He had been on the otherside of a foothold a few times, he knew how they thought.

Aeron looked over the console "Josie can you tinker with the comms for me?" He asked grabbing his half moon spectacles "Can someone find Loki for me?" He said looking around looking for the little weasel, as he began tinkering with the console "Demetor this hades to you copy?" He asked as he grabbed the ear piece, looking to josie.

"Im getting a little static. Here, let me try to boost signal strength a little by pulling from auxillary. Try it now."Jo said

Aeron fiddled about with coms again putting the ear piece to his ear, hearing no static "Demetor this is Hades do you copy?" He asked hoping for a responce they needed help and lots of it, from out of teh corner of his eye he saw a little ferret like creatire "LOKI!" he shouted as little animal crawled up his arm "im so glad your ok" he said nuzzling the little weazels nose with his own.

Jo laughed. "Cute booger." She said.

After a little crackling they finally got a response. "This is Lieutenant Jean Paul Visser Chief Engineering of the Demetor. Our first officer, Commander Chardenko is dead. What is the status of captain T'Lara? She was on board your ship speaking to Commander Williams."

Suddenly the ready room doors were pried open and and T'Lara walked on to the bridge. She was breathing and panting heavily and a small green wound was showing on her face. Her eyes shot over the bridge. She wasn't severely wounded, she had worse. She could see all eyes on her as she leaped to the con. "Lieutenant Visser, this is Captain T'Lara, I am well. What of the Demetor?"

JP started his report, "The demetor sustained minimal damage, captain, but Commander Chardenko was severely injured. The doctor has told he didn't make it. I got the bridge."

"Very good," Said the Demetor's commander. She then walked to Commander Williams. "Commander," She bit her lip as she was contemplating what to say next. What happened in the ready room was not something they might want to discuss in this room, but was something that was still fresh on her mind. His reaction in all this convinced her he was ready. She finally said, "Bring Collin back, the Demetor has your back. "She turned to the screen, "Lieutenant Visser, I am coming back to the Demetor, prepare the ship for battle!" She then walked off the bridge to return to her ship.

tag Dorian/Aeron/Bridge crew

"Alright people. Status report. Quick. " Dorian said, looking about the room.

"Commander were running on low power if any at all, the broadside of the ship is basically in bits and we have no weapons" He said looking over the console "In short we fucking sitting ducks" He said pounfing the console infront of him "We need to find the captain sir" he said wiping his brow.

"The Macos are on that. So no hope is what your saying?"
Dorian said.

Aeron looked to the commander "Basiclly there's no hope, only way i can see us even being able to pull this back is if we do a self destruct and take that D7 with us" aeron said mapping it all out in his head.

"Ok. At least we have comms. William's to T'Lara"

"This is, T'Lara," Came the voice of the Vulcan captain. "You're transporters aren't working. I just returned to the Demetor. Our transporters can connect with your transporters if needed."

"Update, Captain. We have marines out to get the Captain in shuttles. Unfortunately the Hades can't support them. In fact we barely have comms, life support and lights. Request the Demetor for pickup. I intend to evacuate.

Boone, signal the marines to go to Demetor when mission complete."

"Understood, commander," Said T'Lara, "We will cover your evacuation, but you have to hurry. We can't loose both ships."

Dorian pressed a comm. "All hands. This is the XO. Abandon ship. Repeat, Abandon ship."

Aeron ddiet need another word "Ok ladies and gents lets get er moving" he said grabbing jo by the hand "Follow me" He said looking to dorian "Now would be a great time to go and find the captain we need him and he needs us" He said clasping commander williams on the shoulder.



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