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Where in Hades

Posted on Tue Jul 23rd, 2019 @ 12:53pm by Commander Dorian Willams & Lieutenant JG Arthur King & Ensign Kendra Ellis

Mission: Yesterday's Hades

UES Hades

Groans could be heard on the ruined bridge of the USS Hades. Lights flickered both inside and out as the intrepid class drifted. A young man in a burnt armory uniform slowly woke up in a corridor. "Ugh. What happened? We hit sometin'?"

King couldn't get through to the bridge. He grabbed his medical kit. , he looked at medics, "Get to engineering and armory. Team up with security. You two go to the common room. Triage, stabilize, and tag. I am going to the bridge." .He stabilized people on the way. He tagged all the injured that he stabilized with location beacons and told them to stay. He made his way to the lift. It was in emergency mode. He forced the door open with a prybar and jumped over to the emergency access ladder and started climbing up. The lift dropped fast, almost taking him with it. It was a long climb, but he made it to the bridge lift door. He forced it open with a prybar, "Someone order a pizza?"

Bill Worth, a rather disheveled armory lieutenant answered. "That was the no anchovies, right." He chuckled as he freed his leg from under a peice of conduit. "Bill it to Archer. Make Enterprise pry their wallet open."

"Don't think that they will accept the charges." Chloe Vandenberg laughed as she carefully moved through the damaged hallway.

King pushed the turbo lift door the rest of the way open, "Damn, my cousin makes this crap look easy." He climbed the rest of the way onto the bridge. "Is anyone seriously hurt?" He climbed to his feet.

"I don't think so. My legs a little banged up. But I can get around ok." Bill said.

"I am good to go." Chloe said simply to the point as always.

King looked at them, "On board communications are down. I have nurses an EMTs stabilizing and tagging injured with transport beacons. They were told that they are to team up with Security and secure Engineering, Armories, and Common Areas. Turbo lift is at the bottom of the shaft. Primary magnetic restraints are shot. I didn't get blown out into the vacuum of space, so secondary and redundant systems must have kicked in. He used a tricorder on Bill's knee. "Get it looked after we aren't Fubar."

"Normally systems do not fail like that, what hit us?" Chloe leaned against the bulkhead as she spoke.

King looked at her, "I was in Sickbay." He looked back and saw the turbo lift door open. There was a turbo lift because the system was resetting itself. He had climbed up a lot of decks because it wasn't working. He pointed a finger at it, "Fuck you, Turbo lift."

"There is an access to the crawlways just down the hall." Chloe stated. "It should lead us to the bridge."

"I'm all for that." Bill said

"This way, it has been a while since i had to climb through the maintenance ways, but it should be interesting." Chloe commented, "providing there aren't any breaches, or obstacles in our way."

The doctor spoke, "With the Turbo lift acting up, let's use the crawl ways." He pulled out a phaser from his medical bag. "Whoever takes the lead should take this." He held it handle out.

"I'll take it." Bill said, picking up the phase pistol.

The doctor handed it off. "All I got left is medical supplies."

Chloe looked over. "Alright we will see about getting you some more supplies, once we get up top." She said and looked over at bill. "After you."

King looked at her, "I am good for now. I was saying I don't have another phaser." He grinned. He thought to himself, his cousin would have asked her out. King was just out of the academy. His father was a Marine and tried to get him to be better by comparing him to his cousin.

"We will see about getting you one," Chloe started. "Once we make contact with the Bridge." She flashed him a slight smile.

He smiled, "I have a surgical scalpel and hypospray."

"We will get you some more supplies." Chloe smiled.

King smiled back, "I am the son of a Marine. My father may have been a drunk who compared me to my cousin to get me to do better. I may not be my cousin Arthur. He would have found a way to blow something up and put Chloe on her back, feet up in the air, no offense intended, Chloe. However, I am Conner. I was top of my medical class and I have three black belts. I can function with a scalpel and a hypospray."

Chloe smiled. "Well that is good to know, but we will still get you some supplies if we can," She paused for a moment. "If not for you then, for you the patients."

He brought up the rear as the crawled through the access shaft, Chloe ahead of him, "Under different circumstances, I would utterly enjoy this view. Not to say that I don't, I would enjoy it more if this weren't the situation."

"Under different circumstances, you would be either very happy, or in a lot of pain right now.' Chloe quipped as she continued her journey.

King laughed, "I have been kicked in the face before, as well as other places. Some things are worth it. How much longer? I don't spend much time in crawl spaces like this. I am not fond of enclosed spaces."

Chloe shot back a look at King. "You are in one big starship, one giant enclosed box, and you are not fond of enclosed spaces?"

King looked up, "My shoulders don't brush the edges of the corridors like they do in this Jefferies tube. This is a different kind of enclosed space." He lowered his head and had to push past the fear. He controlled his breathing. He kept crawling. He didn't stop until his head hit Chloe's ass, then he looked up and froze, "I'm sorry. I should back up."

Chloe just shook here head. "You ever consider taking a shore assignment, on Starbase 2 or something?" She asked as she continued down the tube.

He answered, "How often does a doctor find himself in a Jefferies Tube? Besides, I am a King, I overcome. "

Bill just kind of laughed.


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