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A New Doctor

Posted on Fri May 24th, 2019 @ 7:50am by Commander Dorian Willams & Lieutenant JG Arthur King

Mission: Olympus Has Fallen
Location: Briefing Room
Timeline: Current

King transported aboard. He was wearing black pants, black t shirt, and tactical boots. The tattoo on his arm was evident. His gear was transported with him. He was one of the few Doctors who brought weapons with him, but they were for his personal quarters. He handed his transfer orders on the padd to the transporter operator who put his code and saw what he needed to see. The transporter operator, "The Commander wishes to see you in the briefing room before you get settled. We will arrange your belongings to be moved."

King looked at him, "Everything with a Green label go to Sickbay. Red Sticker goes to my quarters. Scan the green label. It tell you office, sickbay primary storage, or secondary storage. " Then he stopped, and pushed himself to say it, "Thank you." Sometimes he was a little cold. He left the transporter room and made his way to the ready room. He pushed the button on the outside of the door to alert the occupants of the room to his presence.

"Enter!" Dorian said, pouring himself a fresh cup of joe. And he poured one for his guest, assuming that he'd like one.

King entered, "Lt King, Arthur reporting for duty." Having grown up on Earth, he understood how funny that sounded. His hair wasn't cut like a traditional Vulcan, which made his ears more apparent. It was a short military cut, but there were tinges of red in the dark brown. His eyes were obviously not Vulcan, they were tricolored. Three distinct colors in each Iris. He didn't carry himself with the rigidness of a Vulcan. More like that of a soldier, but not a tight ass soldier.

"Ah. Welcome, Lieutenant." Dorian said. "I poured you a cup of coffee, just in case. Take a seat?" He said.

King reached for the coffee. While coffee wasn't his favorite thing, it was something he had an understanding off having been attached to an SFMC Unit and an Field Intel Unit. He sat down in the chair. He did it more smootly than most Vulcans. He didn't spend much time on Vulcan. The time he did was competing with his siblings intellectually, it was fun, but he didn't absorb much of the cultue or rigidity.

Dorian sipped his own, glad to see he was semi relaxed. "Well, first let me say welcome to the Hades. I trust the journey wasn't too bad."

King looked at him, "Interestingly enough, not terrible. I would have liked to know I wasn't a guinea pig for Starfleet Science Division, but weirder things have happened. Emergency assignment. After I had packed up my apartment and stored my gear. Then four days inside of a shielded torpedo. Two days on a ship that picked me up and brought me to you. I have had worse trips." He was talking about riding in a shielded torpedo at warp speed as being a guinea pig.

"I'm not even gonna ask why you were even in a torpedo." Dorian said, visibly impressed and intrigued. "But that sounds like one heck of a ride. I know I wouldn't do it." He cracked a smile.

King grinned, "It was the quickest way to a ship that was crossing your path. No one scans for a self adjusting torpedo and ships don't seem to care as long as it isn't targeted on them. Despite, it's effectiveness, I hope this doesn't become a standard mode of transport for the Federation. If I didn't do it, it would have been almost a month before I got here."

Dorian laughed a little. "I know an Admiral who needs to try it. Might scare him into being somewhat tolerable." He grinned.

King grinned, "If someone would guarantee that I wouldn't lose my commission and go to prison, I know enough about the human body, that without damaging him, I could make him choose to be a more tolerable person." He was is a qualified Interrogation Specialist for War Time and Peace Time. He was talking about the more questionable tactics. He made sure he was the one to do this so that someone on his teams wouldn't go overboard and kill someone or damage them permanantly. "Unless it is an Admiral I am related to, and then you are So Out of Luck. I am not playing with those. Those got old and earned rank for a reason."

"Sensible." Dorian grinned. "I like it."

King looked at him, "Practicality and Sensibility keep you you alive in the Field. While it might be in my file which ones I am related to, I don't ask for favors either. I don't like being indebted to anyone."

"Neither do I." Dorian said. "Figure you'll fit just fine."

King grinned, "Oorah, Sir." Just then a member of enlisted contacted him via ship comms in the Commanders office panel telling him that all of his belongings were delivered to their specified locations.


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