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Reporting aboard

Posted on Sun Jun 16th, 2019 @ 12:41pm by Commander Dorian Willams & Lieutenant Jason Morris

Mission: Olympus Has Fallen
Location: USS Hades
Timeline: Prior to Senior staff meeting

Jason sat at the table in the crew lounge, drinking his lemonade while waiting for word of his shuttles departure. When he was given his new posting aboard the Hades he was quite conflicted, the whole reason for him to request a shipboard assignment was to give Alex a little bit of adventure but starfleet decided that he was going to go by himself. 'I hope the ship wont be in danger much, maybe the Captain will let me bring him to the ship.' Now he was sitting in the crew lounge of the USS Tempest being transported to the Hades without Alex. 'Maybe asking for this assignment was a bad idea.'

Crewman Leats was looking for the guy they would be dropping of on the Hades, she was told the guy was security and tall but nothing else, this was the third deck she on looking for the guy when he decided he would wait a bit. Grabbing a water she sat down at an empty table behind some random guy. "Where the hell is this prick." Leats said to no one."Hes suppose to be reporting for a new ship but is no where to be found. You'd think he jumped ship." Leats said a bit to loud.

Leaning back a bit Jason understood that the Crewman was talking about him. Standing up Jason took his drink with him as he left the crew lounge and headed down to the shuttle bay. 'Call me a prick huh?' Jason though to himself. He was a bit more then mad at the fact he had to leave Alex with some friends from the academy but somethings just needed to be avenged. Jason walked all the way to the shuttle bay and then proceeded to sit on a near-by crate to see how long the crewman would take to find him.

30 minutes later Crewman Leats walked into the shuttle bay truly convinced that the guy she was looking for was either a myth or was never aboard. She was walking up to his bays officer when she spotted a guy sitting on a crate out of the corner of her eye. Looking at the man who was taller than most others in the bay and wore non starfleet dress uniform. Deciding this might be the guy she was looking for she walked over to the man. "Excuse me sir, are you the security officer transferring to another ship?"

"Yes, I'm transferring to the Hades." Jason said looking at the crewman.

"Excellent sir, if you would please board Tibetan, it will be leaving in a few minutes." Leats said happy that she finally found the mythical prick. Not waiting another second Leats turned around and left to continue her work.

Jason looked at the Crewman and wondered why she didn't get mad at him. Standing up a little sad that nothing else was said Jason walked over the the shuttle and boarded it waiting for it to take off.

The shuttle pilot looked back at Jason."Alright Lieutenant, we are taking off in a minute, flight time will be just under 5 minutes. Enjoy the view." The pilot turned back around and started to fly the shuttle out of the bay .

A young ensign just looked at Jason and smiled. "Off day, sir?" He said. "Been there myself. More times than I thought I would to be honest." He cleared his throat. ",Oh. I'm Ensign Wrigley." He waved.

"No Ensign, I'm transferring to the Hades." Jason smiled in return. "Are you returning to the ship?" he asked trying to pass some of the time.

"Yeah. I mean yes sir." He said. "I've been assigned to communications full time. I was a "floater" more or less."

"That's nice, is she a nice ship and how is the Captain?" Jason asked wondering if the Captain was a nice enough person he could bring Alex to the ship.

"The Hades has been around for a while, but she's been refitted. She's a good ship, tip top shape. The CO used to be CEO. Commander Williams is a good egg. He's a very fair man."

"Well that's good to know, someone who's been on the ship before tends to love her move then someone new, but I was talking more specifically about the Captain and family members." Jason said looking back out the window. He spots the Hades getting closer and suspects another minute before the shuttle docks.

"Oh sure. The Chief helmsman's wife serves in engineering. So I'm sure he'd be cool. All ya can do is ask. Am I right?" He smiled

"That I plan to, I miss my son." Jason said as the shuttle landed in its bay. "Well Ensign, I hope we see more of each other." he said as he stood up to leave the shuttle.

"Sure thing, Lieutenant." Wrigley smiled.

Jason walked off the shuttle and out of the bay, he turned towards the turbolift and walked into it. "Bridge." he called out and waited as the lift moved through the ship stopping at the bridge. He walked out of the lift and went straight towards the Captains chair.

Dorian sat reading a report as he saw the lieutenant appoach. He put on his best smile as he turned to meet him. "Hello." He simply said, friendly tone

"Hello Commander, I'm looking for the officer of the watch and the Captain. Can you direct me to them please."Jason said with a straight face.

"Yes, Lieutenant? Dorian replied. "Commander Dorian Williams, at your service. I'm the CO."

Jason snapped to attention."Lieutenant Jason Morris reporting for duty Captain." Jason said as he held out his PADD with his service record on it.

Dorian eagerly took it. "At ease, Lieutenant." He said as he read.

Jason continued to stand at attention but moved his head to look at the Captain.

"Relax, Lieutenant. I don't bite." Dorian said. Dorian gave the bridge to the officer of the watch. "Come on, follow me to the ready room. We can talk on the way. Sound good?"

Jason nodded and followed the Captain. When he stopped he continued to stand but in a more relaxed posture.

"Relax, lieutenant. Coffee?" Dorian asked, sitting himself. "So, tell me about yourself."

"No thank you Captain." Jason said, " This will be my first posting on a front line ship in years, before this I was assigned at Starfleet HQ as an adjutant where I assisted senior and flag officers with there duties. I was transferred to Starfleet academy when an Admiral I worked with alot was assigned there, I was her Aide-de-camp until I requested transfer to an front line ship." Jason looked at the Captain." I requested transfer because my son wanted to spend time onboard a ship, I know any shipboard assignment maybe dangerous for family members onboard and especially for officers in my specialty but I couldn't turn down my son Captain. I request permission to bring my son to the ship."

Dorian nodded. "Impressive record. And excellent point about the danger. And that is the regulation." He began. "On the other hand. Who am I to separate you from your son. Who knows when we'll return to Earth." Dorian replied. "So, permission granted."

"Thank you Captain." Jason said pondering the idea of his son in danger. "Is there anything else you would like to know?"

"Nothing comes to mind right off." Dorian said. "Any for me?"

"I have nothing to ask Captain."Jason said

"Cool then. Then dismissed." Dorian smiled. "I look forward to meeting your son." He added

"Aye Captain." Jason said and then turned and left the room.


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