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So..your a CO now

Posted on Mon May 6th, 2019 @ 5:55pm by Commander Dorian Willams & Captain T'Lara

Mission: Olympus Has Fallen
Location: USS Demetor
Timeline: Prior to Senior staff meeting

Dorian stood outside T'Laras ready room door, nervously tapping his foot. He was an engineer by trade, he knew next to nothing about command. And he was unable to ask Colin, so he had himself go to the Demetors CO

He scratched his arm. "Dang it. You itch now?" He said as he waited for the door to open.

T'Lara opened the door and was surprised to see Dorian there. She wasn't showing, but she was surprise to see him. "Have you been waiting out here long, commander?" She asked as she motioned for him to come inside. "You know next time you can ring. Please have a seat. She pointed to a seat near her desk and then took a seat on the other side.

"Starfleet issue arm acting up.....again." he chuckled. "I really need to fix that someday. Dang Orions."

T'Lara nodded. "So how can I help you, I heard you just received command over the Hades?"

"Pointers really. I'm an engineer by trade. I can fix stuff, I can break stuff. But I've never been in the big chair before."

"Dorian, Colin told me a lot about you. Granted, it was via subspace and correspondences. And from what I read from your personnel file, you are an impeccable officer and a better engineer." She looked to her desk a moment and then looked up and curled her lips a little to a smile. "You are in a unique position, Dorian, you were the Hades's Chief Engineer for a period of time. You know her from the inside out. Every bit every bop. You know it. Not many engineers I know roll in to command like you did. Most of them remain on vessels or join admirals or the research and development." She thought a moment as if to look for the right words and then continued, "I may have rolled in to command when I joined Starfleet. This is because of my history. I started out as a security officer, but I climbed the ranks pretty quickly. When I took the command chair, I sometimes wished I was an engineer, spoken their language, understanding better what was needed for the ship. Tactically I know a lot, and I would plunge the ship in to battle, weren't it not for my engineers. Here is my advice for that middle chair. Listen to your senior staff and take everything in to account and protect the ship, use your knowledge as engineer. Know her limits, thread them, but never cross them."

"Wow." Dorian said. "That's really...deep' He took a minute to process the wall of info. "Yeah, we are pretty awesome." He grinned. "But seriously, that helps a lot, ma'am." He said, deferring to rank.

T'Lara waved her hand. "T'Lara, you are a captain now. You are going to grown up table now. I may outrank you, but you command a ship now, that is a special club." A little smile was showing. She had to admit she enjoyed all this. Se enjoyed it. Which was unusual for a Vulcan, but she was an unusual Vulcan.

"T'Lara. Right." He grinned. " Just call me Dorian I guess. And thanks" he said.


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