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Why Vulcan?

Posted on Tue Dec 25th, 2018 @ 2:20am by Lieutenant JG Clara Watson

Mission: Olympus Has Fallen
Location: Transport Vessel
Timeline: Co-Current with the Current Mission

Clara was not sure how she felt about being resigned as assistant chief control flight officer to the intelligence division. She remembered listening to the Captain Lightwood talking about how impressed he was with her dedication and duty, to inflitration practices. Clara had spent several free hours in the training simulators, preparing for Klingon's incursions on Federation ships.

Clara was now en route to Vulcan. She was told that she would be training with the Vulcan's. They had unique infiltration techniques, that could help her hone in on her skills. She felt that her skills were ready, and she wondered if her re assignment had to do with Aeron Hughes. The cadet, that criticized her, and brought a pet into the room.

Clara was not sure, but shortly after serving her captain's mass, with Aeron, she was called away for infiltration and intelligence gathering training on Vulcan. She wondered to herself, why Vulcan? Out of all of the places in the Federation, why Vulcan?

Clara was not sure, but there was nothing she could do about it at the moment. She was now on a transport vessel, and her bags were now packed up, she tried not to show emotion, but deep down she was allowed a tear to strike her face. She felt emotional distress. To her it felt like a punishment, not a reward.

She was allowing her personal feelings, cloud her better judgement. She did not see that Captain Lightwood, was only trying to help her. Clara had dedicated herself, to being prepared for a Klingon attack. Her commitment to her own survival, made her an ideal candidate for infiltration, and intelligence gathering. Get in, get the data. And then leave as just as quickly.

Clara sat on the transport vessel, looking out of the window. Wondering what the crew of the USS Hades, was doing. She wondered how Jo was doing, and how Lieutenant Surak was doing. Her only two acquaintances on the ship. She would dare call a friend. She continued to stare out in space, watching the transport streak by at warp speed, as the scene fades.


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