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Trojan Horse

Posted on Fri Apr 5th, 2019 @ 10:45am by Lieutenant JG Lucinda Visser & Lieutenant JG Mai Nguyen & Captain T'Lara & Commander Dorian Willams & Ensign Kendra Ellis & Captain Colin Lightwood & Commander Anatoly Cherdenko & Ensign Padraig O'Donnaghue & Ensign Rin Pott & Lieutenant JG Aeron Hughes

Mission: Olympus Has Fallen
Location: Hades/Demetor Bridges

The Hades was standing by. The still on the bridge was almost damning. "Helm, plot a course that brings us about on the Demetor," Colin spoke in a calm, but stern voice, looking now to Uma Kitt. "Lieutenant, I want all comm channels open and I want you to let Captain T'Lara know were ready to dance," he said, slightly smiling. "Ensign Ellis, I want you to be with the landing marines, as their shuttle pilot. No transporters, as I don't trust the Klingons to not have something up their sleeve and I'd rather send someone I trust to drop off our band of merry men personally. You'll also have Cadet Hughes with you too just incase," he said, smiling at her. He looked around to see his XO. "Dorian, this is going to be a hard won fight. I'm glad your at my side." He held onto his XO's shoulder. "Lieutenant Surak, I have a personal mission for you. I want you to do a sensor sweep. See if we can pinpoint the most localized position of the Klingons on the base. Can you do that?" he asked, looking to the Vulcan.

This was a day that could either make or break his career with Starfleet. "I know the odds are stacked against us, crew, but let's face it, we managed to get out of our first skirmish unscathed. I hand chose every single one of you! You're a fantastic crew. Now let's show these Klingons what the United Federation of Planets can do! Let's go out there and make our forefathers proud," he said, as he stood to make his address. "Ensign Nguyen, weapons on my mark," he said with a steely gaze pointed at his viewscreen.

Dorian nodded at Colin before assuming the engineering station. He put in a few commands. "Ready here, Captain." He smiled. "If you need power, You'll get it. Aux to weapons and shields."

Surak nodded. He had told the Captain this information before, but there had been a lot going on. "The Kingons are mostly concentrated around what appears to be some sort of information center. At least the ones on the station, Captain." He had had time to go over a quick schematic of the base, trying to determine why the Kilgons had such an interest in something that was neither a science lab or a weapons array.

Lieutenant Uma Kitt swiveled her chair around partially. She never liked replying or reporting to anyone with her back facing them. It was too unprofessional, too impersonal, and too human for her. She held the wireless transceiver up to her ear checking the frequencies, the harmonics, and the signal strength. It was as smooth and crisp as she could get it. "I have informed Captain T'Lara that we are ready, Sir... I've opened broad communication channels. They are as clear as I can get them."

Colin looked to everyone. "Okay crew, get ready! This is going to be a hell of a fight," he said, looking to Mai. "Ensign, bring us into full phaser range and let's make Hades himself proud," he said, pushing his comm button on his chair. =/\="Crew of the Hades! Battlestations! I repeat, battlestations!" he said, looking to the viewscreen and then to Dorian. "Let's do this," he said, looking a little nervous.

T'Lara was seated on her chair as she was calling out orders. "Mister O'Donnaghue, I want you to match the speed and course of the Hades, stay next to them. Tactical ready weapons, shields up! Mister Pott, shuttle the MACO unit to back the Hades marines up." She turned over to her comm officer. "Keep comm lines open, let the Hades know we are standing by." She pushed a button in her chair. "All hence, this is the captain speaking, battlestations!"

Paddy clicked his console. "Helm ready Captain, coming about and weapons are primed and ready," he said, looking to his console. "Hades is coming about and is readying weapons," he said, smiling.

"Very good," said T'Lara. She then looked back to her first officer that just come onto the bridge. She had just assigned him after she had to send her previous XO to the brig. She smiled to him. "Commander Cherdenko, I am going to need you to command the shuttle that is taking the MACO's to the base. I need your experience and expertise out there. Make sure you get our boys and girls home." She looked to him, trying to be as expressionless as possible.

Anatoly didn't say much he just nodded in response to the orders.

On the Hades Mai had readied the weapons. "We have a battlecruiser in range, captain, ready on your mark." She looked to her readings. "Captain, shouldn't we give cover fire for the boarding parties?" she suggested.

Colin looked to the ensign. "Lay down some covering fire for our lads and ladies, then concentrate fire on that first cruiser. Give 'em a shock for me," he said, turning to his comm button. =/\="Eddy, bring them home safe,"=/\= he spoke into his comm and waited for the reply.

Eddy pushed the comm button. =/\="Understood, Boss. Just get us back in one piece."=/\= Eddy looked to the marines in the dock with him. "Alright, ladies and gents, you've been trained for this. We're going into this place to kick some Klingon ass and we need to get back what they have stolen," he said as he looked to them all. "Stay safe and keep on me."

Colin looked to the rest of the crew "Helm Bring us closer i want us two clicks from the biggest cruiser" He said swivvling around in his chair "Weapons on my Mark Ensign Nyugyn lets get that covering fire sorted" He said looking out to the view screen "1.2.3 and Fire all weapons" he said with a small smile on his lips.

Mai pushes the buttons on her console. "Firing all weapons, captain!" Mai replied.

Colin looked to Helm "Get those engines spooled up i want us in postion" Colin said standing "Mai fire another volly i want that large cruiser disabled get it outta the way" He said stepping by Surak "Have our mariens gone over liutennant?" He asked placing his hand on the vulcans shoulder.


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