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CMO - Personal Log #1

Posted on Wed May 2nd, 2018 @ 4:12pm by Lieutenant Scott Hayes

Scott lay down on his bed after a long first day on the ship, he picked up the PADD nearest him and instructed the computer to start recording his voice as he removed his uniform and prepared for bed. The vessel had not long left, and the first nightshift was beginning.

"Chief Medical Officer's Personal Log, Inaugural Entry.

The Hades while being an older style ship is a wonderful ship. She had been completely redone to look as if she has just come off the factory floor. Sickbay itself is a marvel, all that begging, borrowing and offering of favour has done a world of good. Most of the equipment is stored and locked away. There are a few more cases that the medical techs will hopefully deal with overnight. My uniform can attest to that. It was white this morning; it is now a dark shade of grey as I take it off. I will need to find a way to get it cleaned.

Most of the crew seem pleasant, kind and friendly folks. Not going to lie, being a newly single man, some of my fellow officers are pretty handsome. Not that I am likely to do anything about it. Broken hearts take some time to mend. Well, unless someone wants to fix it.

I will admit, tonight will be the first night in years I have slept alone. Can't say I'm looking forward to it. Maybe there is somewhere on the ship I can get a few extra pillows to curl up into. Can I prescribe myself some and get them from sickbay for my general health and wellbeing? I mean, it isn't like it is a medication or anything. And those are some pretty good pillows..."

Scott trailed off for a few seconds as he contemplated if he could do this without getting himself into any trouble. The PADD would only pick up the odd shuffle of the bedcovers beneath him or a random 'hmm'. He continued:

"I will see how tonight goes and take it from there. I did get word from my mother though; she was able to pick up the last of my things from my now ex's house, I refuse to say his name for a multitude of reasons. Mainly the fact someone will listen to this before too long and figure out which well loved and high decorated Admiral is sleeping with his Chief Engineer and creating a massive conflict of interest. But, I'm not that petty. Yet. Very much emphasis on the word yet.

Right, enough of that. I'm not going to bed angry. Scott Hayes, signing off for now."

The young Doctor would take a quick shower before changing into some loungewear. After struggling to get to sleep after an hour, he would head to sickbay to "borrow" a pillow for the night.


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