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Taking Everything with You (Trigger Warning)

Posted on Tue Apr 10th, 2018 @ 4:56pm by Captain Colin Lightwood
Edited on Tue Apr 10th, 2018 @ 8:39pm

Captains Personal Log

Earth time 12 am

"Computer start Captain's personal log."

"Well, today was harder than I thought." Colin started talking in a hushed tone, standing and pacing. His hands fumbling around in his hair. "I never thought I'd have to face those times again..." he said, grabbing his bottle of gin and unscrewing the lid, pouring a healthy measure into the tumbled glass by his desk, pacing as he grabbed a bottle of tonic water. He poured it in with shaky hands.

"You left your damn mark on me Krissy, I'll give you that," he said, slamming back the gin like it was nothing. "I suppose I shouldn't of thought anything else should I?" he asked, choking back a disgruntled laugh. "You were a trained manipulator from birth, so kudos to you," he said rubbing his hands over his face. Ripping off his uniform, he placed it on the chair and grabbed a pair of black jogging bottoms and a t-shirt with the words "Hades" inscribed on it. Sitting on his bed, he requested, "Computer, play 'Give it All' by The Amity Affliction," he said, standing up as the odd beat sprang into life.

"You know, no amount of gin can make the damn pains and aches go away," he said, pouring another gin and tonic. "They serve as reminder to never trust a single person again with my heart," he said, circling his heart with his fingers and taking a sip from his gin. "This war could never destroy me as much as you did," he said, laughing half-heartedly and little hollow. He lifted up his shirt, a spattering of scarring and healed cuts could be seen. All reminders of his time spent with the worse woman imaginable. "Every belt, every hit and spatter of blood, I remember it all," he said, stepping forward and looking in the mirror. His left cheek bore an unrecognisable cut, that you'd really only be able to see under certain lighting or really close up to his face.

"The cuts and damage I bear, I bear them with pride... for they are signs of when life tried to destroy me and I won," he said, bending forward. "But Krissy, you will never destroy me and that is a promise," he said, laughing a little maniacal laugh. "I will not die defeated," he said, downing the gin and pushing the glass to the side. "Computer, stop personal log," he said, walking over to his bed, ripping his t-shirt off and climbing into bed. "Computer, music off," he said, turning out the lights, looking at a smashed image on desk of Krissy and himself before the times got bad. "One day you'll see what you've made of me... one of these days you foul harpie," he spoke under his breath as he closed his eyes.


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