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Come home safe

Posted on Sun Mar 18th, 2018 @ 11:15am by

Personal Log
Melissa French

From the moment she stepped foot on the HADES she felt right at home. Which was a good thing because her job was to make new comers and regular crew feel at home away from home! As she sat, looking over the crew rooster, she was trying to think of things she could do to help them relax and deal with the mission of living and working on a Star Fleet Vessel as a member of, as she like to put it, one of the coolest Organizations ever created. The Federation of Interstellar Planets.

Her job was Morale and Welfare. She took it seriously. So now it was time for her to, as they used to say. Put her money where her mouth was. So she made a list. The first list was a list of activities. Bowling, Archery, Pottery, Model Building, and various other things that could be done alone or in a group. She was big on the idea of tournament. Like a Bowling League that would take place over a period of time and give participants something to look forward to and excel at.

She also had a duty to perform in the event of an alert. The moment the ship went to an alert status, she would become a part of the team that helped with any wounded personnel. Depending on where she was on the ship, that might even mean becoming a part of the security detail. When there was a red alert, the two man rule was in effect. Which meant no one was supposed to be running around on their own. This was a protocol that had been used for years to avoid saboteurs.

Basically, you would have to be with someone of equal knowledge to you when working on a critical piece of equipment to keep anyone from sabotaging equipment! There were too many lives on the line to take any chances. After all we only had this ship to keep us alive, so we had better take good care of her.

Melissa hadn't been on board for a day, when she met Farthing. He was a Security Investigator. She wasn't sure what that entailed, but she was going to find out. He was handsome, and something had defiantly happened when they spoke. Something rather unexpected. As she tapped the console in front of her, she learned that there was an away team operation underway. She access another panel and saw the list of personnel going off the ship. To her dismay, her Farthing was one of the crew going on this mission. That's when it hit her. A feeling of helplessness. She had feeling for this guy, and they hadn't really got to know each other yet!

She made up her mind. That was going to change. If he made it back, she was going to give him a reason to always make it back.

End of personal log


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