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Never Average, always above Par!

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Prep for shakedown cruise

Farthing stood at the front of the classroom. I've call you all here because you could be the difference. That unknown entity that turns the tide. He wanted to ensure that each crew member working close to the Captain understood the importance of being able to help keep the Captain safe. So he called a meeting with the Yeoman's, and lower ranking officers who had daily access to the Captain for a safety briefing. There was 11 of them, including the woman he had fallen hard for. As he looked over the group, Melissa stood out to him like a brand new penny on a desk surrounded by dime! And expression he had learned from the man who taught him to be an investigator.

"Good morning everyone. I'm going to try to be informative as well as quick, because I know you all have duties to perform in getting ready for the Voyage we are about to undertake." And he looked around the room to see if anyone was not paying attention.

"The fact are as follows. If you have not been informed, we at at war with the Klingons. There is no nice way to put that. It is what it is." And he paused

"The purpose of this briefing is to bring you all up to speed should we get boarded by enemy troops. All of you work close with the Captain, and none of you here are combat trained. My primary mission on this ship is two fold. First I'm an investigator. I find out who what when where how and why! Then I give those finding to the CO. My second mission coupled with the first is providing a level of security for our Captain. With which I need your assistance and help." And he knew he had their attention.

"Under normal circumstances you would see a Klingon and most likely faint or shit yourself. From this point forward, it is unauthorized for you to do either of those two things. In fact I'm ordering you to not do those two things. Instead you, upon hearing any alert will do the following. Secure your work station so that no one can access ships information or records. Then you will grab your phaser and clip it to your belt. And you will immediately go to your bridge station and stand by for further instructions. They may come from me, but most likely they will come from the CO. Or the XO. But let me be clear. You are to protect the Captain and his XO with your very life. And I will do my damnest to protect each and every one of you." As he could see the seriousness in their faces.

"Are there any questions?" A young ensign raised his hand.

"We are not trained for this, why us?" He asked as Farthing looked directly at him!

"Let's play a game, shall we?" Said Farthing

"You are at home on Earth, or whatever Planet you call home. You are sitting in your living room when all of a sudden, some big bad mud sucker kicks the door in and begins to have his way with whoever happens to be in the house. You have two choices. Stop them, or die! Out here you have the same choice. At home you might live. Out here, you are a dead meat dummy, if you don't do something to stay alive. Now our Captain is the best chance we all have on this ship of staying alive. So you treat him like you would any other member of your family that you care about. If it looks like hostile action is headed his way, you act. Don't hesitate, just act and make sure to keep him out of harms way. The hard part is going to be to not letting him know that's what you are doing. That's why you work as a team. If he assigns you a duty, go perform that task. Another member of your crew will take point until the threat level drops back to normal." And he took stock of the faces as it finally registered how important this was. "Understood?" He asked, and all in attendance to a man acknowledged that they did.

"Ok. That's really all I have. If any if you want to stick around and shoot your phasers. We have a shoot don't shoot scenario that we will be running shortly." And he started getting ready for the range training!

"I think what you're doing is good training. Far too often, the younger or lower ranking personnel our not utilized to their fullest potential." Said Melissa

Farthing looked up into the eyes that had captured his heart.

"Thank you for saying that, but I'm only thinking about keeping you safe by keeping our Captain safe. And thereby hopefully keeping the crew safe as well!" Said Farthing in reply.

"Well I have to say that I'm impressed!" Replied Melissa

"Good, then my work here is done." He quipped and smiled.

She smiled back and took a seat to await the beginning of the next class, as did 8 others.



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