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Even a Doctor Can't Mend a Broken Heart (Part 2)

Posted on Sat Feb 24th, 2018 @ 3:20pm by Lieutenant Scott Hayes

"Five months? Really Richard?" Scott managed to both question and shouted at the same time. He was busying himself around the bedroom, angrily packing his things into a bag as the tearful eyes of his now ex-partner shone at him from the bed. He was still laying in it, partially clothed from where he was found with a man other than Scott about an hour ago. "And with a member of your senior staff? Wow, talk about multiple slaps in the face." Scott was angry and ranting. The disgraced Admiral knew to tread very carefully on what he said next if anything. "I'm working away in Medical, research labs and you are here with your future Chief Engineer!" Scott was crying; he was used to being betrayed, it had happened to him a few times. Peter, Ryan and now Richard.

Richard. The man who had hugged him so tightly, all Scott's broken pieces felt like they had been mended back together. Richard. The man who had pursued Scott to a great extent. The man who made grand gestures on valentines day. The man who made the most significant fuss over their first anniversary, their second anniversary and was planning something big for their third in a few weeks. "And now this, you recommend me for another ship, thinking it would cause a conflict of interest while here you are, inspecting your Chief Engineer's hull." Scott continued to aggressively pack his bags, taking more than what he had planned, in his mind, he was not coming back.

"We have had dinners all together!" Scott stopped, for the first time tearing up with emotion rather than rage. "There you two sat, knowing it was going on as I played the happy house husband, serving everyone dinner. You are a real piece of work; you know that?" Finally, Scott headed to his bedside table to collect the last few precious mementoes he kept there; a photo album, a necklace, his glasses and stopped short of a small grey box. He flicked it open to reveal a gorgeous engagement ring, a silver band, wider than most by a fraction, with a row of five glinting, crystal clear gems, set deep into the band. The box was snapped closed, and Scott went to his bag, placing the last few items inside before closing it. Not the box though.

Richard, through his shame, finally spoke, "Please Scott, stay. We can work this out. I'm sorry, I'm so, so sorry." The box was casually tossed into Richard's lap. "So now you want me to stay, seems like you were quite happy to get me out of the way. Keep that. I want nothing to do with it, or you." Scott went to pick up his bag before a hand grabbed his wrist to stop him, "Remove it if you want to keep it," Scott replied without looking, "Don't worry, I will keep your secret safe. Your little tryst. Just don't contact me. Ever. Don't look for me. I won't be doing it for you." The hand admitted defeat and slumped away.


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