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Meeting the one

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USS HADES - Just outside the Captains ready room

It's amazing how you can see something and just know God put that whatever it is, right in your path, and it was meant just for you! That was the epiphany that Harris had when he saw Melissa for the very first time. His vision began to close in on itself and form a tunnel like vision that he had only heard about but never experienced. At this precise moment, his life changed and he swore by everything that was holy, this time he would not mess it up!

Harris stopped in his tracks. All of a sudden he didn't know where his was or what was happening to him, but it felt glorious. He tried to speak. He even wanted to speak, but all of his normal functions failed him just now. Deep breath, he thought to himself. Breath fool breath! And all at once, he took a huge breath and let it out. Which just so happened to get her attention. As she looked up, something happened to her. Not like in the past, no this was something else. She couldn't put her finger on it, but it felt right somehow.

"You ok Lt?" She asked. "If I did not know better, I'd swear you'd seen a ghost or something." She offered

"No ghost." Shaking his head in reply. "But most defiantly something spiritual has happened. " He said as the raising infliction of his voice gave him away, and the smile on his face struggled to not distort his handsome features.

She tilted her head a bit and looked at him. "Oh really?" As she raised an eyebrow and laughed "You think?" And she turned and walked away smiling from ear to ear, he could hear her say as she went. "Boy don't play with me!" And she kept going shaking everything that was supposed to shake when a woman like her walked in that manner!

Harris got dry in the mouth. Then his senses began to clear and return to normal. But things were not as they had been before this encounter. He looked right then left and headed for the security office. This would require planning, yes meticulous planning he thought to himself.

Security Office:

Harris sat behind the desk. Talking to no one In particular. "Fail to plan, plan to fail. Cool, you gotta be cool. Stay calm, can't let her rattle me!" And he got up and started pacing back and forth. "I got it. I'll investigate her. That way she has to answer my questions." Then he thought better of that idea. "Fool you do that and she will hate your guts. You gotta be slicker than that." And he started biting his finger nails. He caught himself and stopped. "What the hell is wrong with me? Shes only a woman. I've talked to millions of women." And something in the back of his head said. (Not any like that you haven't.) and whatever that, was right!

Then he stopped, stood perfectly still and said out loud. "I'll be myself. And if she don't like me. Fine, I'll just have to move on." He knew he was lying to himself when he said it. This was the one. His reason! Everybody needed a reason. A reason to succeed, a reason to get up in the morning. Even a reason to fail. But today was not a day for failures. And he was not going to let her get away! He sat back down and started checking the crew manifest. He found her profile and her Star Fleet record. He took a look. Everything he read screamed perfect to him! Now he knew her name as well. He threw caution to the wind and reached down to his belt and grabbed his communications device.

+Flip+ "Lt. Farthing to Yeoman French." Farthing and French, hey that sings, he thought.

She flipped open her communicator "This is Yeoman French, go ahead!" Smiling from ear to ear.

"If you're not too busy, at the close of business today, I'll be in the Star Fleet Lounge. I'd appreciate it if you would kindly meet me there for a conversation." He said as straight faced as he could manage.

"Well now, I'll have to see if my schedule will allow for that. You do know I'm the Morale and Welfare officer don't you?" She said with a cheeky grin, that he of course could not see.

"Actually that's what I wanted to talk to you about, so I'll just wait there until you have the time." He said and waited.

All she came back with was. "As you wish!" Which he had heard somewhere before but could not place it. Then like a bolt out of the Blue it hit him. A movie he had watched ages ago. Wesley would say, As you wish. Whenever Buttercup would tell him to do something. It took her awhile, but she finally realised that what he was really saying was, I love you!

Then he thought back to their encounter. Though brief it was, he was a seasoned investigator. Had he not been so blinded emotionally, he was sure he would have picked it up. The tilt of her head, the way she responded and the tone of her voice. He didn't know it then, but she was flirting with him. As he replayed the encounter in his head, he recalled the very last thing she said as she walked away with that special saunter that only she had. "Don't play with me boy!" Girls only said something like that when they heard you, but they weren't sure you meant what you were saying. Kind of like telling you to check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Harris laughed out loud. "She likes me too!" And he jumped upward pumping his fist in the sir like a lunatic. "YES!" And he recompose do himself and got ready for his possible date.

Meanwhile, Elsewhere on the ship:

She could feel the eyes watching her. So she spoke up to let them know that she knew they were there! "Can I help you lady's?" She asked

"Maybe, cause I know you, and humming is not something that you do everyday. So, what's up?" Asked one of the girls she regularly talked to in the academy, or her posse' for lack of a better word.

"Have either of you seen the new Security Investigator?" She asked

"See now that ain't right. I saw him first." Replied one of her girls jokingly.

"That's possible, but he hit on me!" Placing her right hand lightly on her chest and laughing out loud. And the conversation went into overdrive. By the time they were finished gossiping, Melissa and Harris were married and they had two kids. The fun carried on until a staff level officer walked into the orderly room where the staff yeoman gathered and received their duties for the day from Melissa. He just looked at them, requested the latest quartermaster reports and was given a padd and he turned and left the office. The girls all looked at one another and laughed out loud historically.

When they calmed down, she told them, about the up coming date. They immediately went into what she was gonna wear, and if this could be the man for her and all sorts. By the end of the conversation, she had decided to take it one step at a time, and see what developed. A very wise move, she thought to herself.

For two of the crew of the USS HADES, the rest of the regular work day dragged on like they were both pulling an anchor around the ship. But as evening approached. The anticipation grew. Her girls got there first. They took up positions as to better monitor the sutiation. Under normal circumstances, Harris would have been able to tell he was being surrounded. But today he was totally oblivious of the small but lovely crowd that was gathering in the lounge.

The woman was understated in uniform. But when she put on civvies, OMG! How was any man supposed to be cool around this woman? As she walk in the joint, you could tell she had something on her mind. She stopped for a moment, to let her girls see her attire. The heads began to nod in approval. She was wearing a two piece Black outfit with matching sandals. Manny pedi popping! Toes neatly polished in a Blood Red colour that showed off her lovely feet perfectly. The woman was a vision!

Harris looking up from his drink, and could tell immediately that the atmosphere in the room had changed. He slowly looked toward the entrance and immediately saw why. Beads of sweat came out of nowhere! The room got hot all of a sudden, and normal speech once again left him. For five seconds, he was a vegetable! By the time he remembered he was human, she had approached him at the bar.

"Hello Sailor, I understand you want to have a conversation with me?" She said matter of factly.

"Good Evening....yes, I had hoped we could talk. You look amazing!" Trying very hard to not get lost in his own words.

"Thank you, you think maybe a table and some dinner might be possible?" She asked

"Absolutely......Ill get us a table." And he almost fell from his stool, but managed to negotiate standing without falling. He went to the bartender and got a table assigned to the two of them. It was in a quite section of the lounge with a fake portal window that made it look like they were traveling through space. He motioned to her to join him at the table and they walked together and he pulled out her chair.

The girls not far away took note and all made faces of approval! Obviously he did not have a clue they were watching and judging his actions. And so far, so good.

Lt. Harris Farthing
Security Investigator

Yeoman Melissa French
Morale and Welfare Specialist


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