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The power of love

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Farthing walked back and forth in his room. Dawson's words ringing in his ears. Yes, he did need to make his intentions plain so Melissa would have no doubt how he felt about her. The investigation would have to wait. His future and his happiness needed to be seen to now! Never before had it been so plain what he must do. But the feelings he had for her could not be ignore any longer.

He pulled out his communicator. "Chirp, chirp. Farthing to French."

Melissa reached into her tunic and produced her communicator. "Chirp chirp." Went the communicator. Melissa smiled when she realized who was calling her. Then she answered him back.

"French here go ahead sir." She said with a smile.

"I need you to meet me after your shift. If you would come to my quarters, I would really appreciate it." He said, the nerves obvious to her even over the communicator. So she thought she would push him just a bit.

"Why? Is everything alright Farthing?" She asked.

"Yes Dear, everything is fine. I just really need to talk to you and my quarters is the most private place I can think of. Is this agreeable to you?" He asked

"Yes, of course. I'll be there as soon as I can clean myself up and get dressed." She said calmly and politely

"Great. I'll prepare a bit of dinner and make you comfortable. See you then!" And he closed his communicator.

He looked around his room and decided there needed to be some changes. So he set about making the room softer and more accommodating, so that when she entered she would be totally disarmed and warm to his questions.


Melissa looked in the mirror and made the last of many useless adjustment. As when you were as naturally beautiful as her, you needed very little up keep. But she did it anyway as if it were needed. She took a last looked smiled took a deep breath, turned and left her room, headed for his. As she reached the turbo lift, she ordered the life to the right level and held on until it arrived. Stopping once before arriving at his level, she encountered a couple crew members. She greeted them with her normal happy smile. But did not engage as she knew it would take her mind off the mission at hand. They seemed to understand and any questions they had, kept them to themselves. As the door of the turbo lift opened the second time, she looked up and stepped out giving a slight head nod to the crewmen and the door closed behind her.

As she turned right and headed the twenty feet to his door, her heart seemed to be leaping in her chest. She stopped. What was this emotion she was feeling? And why now? Fight or flight response kicked in. She hesitated began to turn and run, but his door opened and she froze.

Farthing looked at her and immediately read her body language. "Are you alright dear?" He asked

She turned to look at him. The first thing she noticed was that his neatly trimmed beard was neater than usual. Then she noticed his fragrance, and how it claimed her when ever she smelt it. It was intoxicating and she loved it. One of the many things she loved about him. "Yes, Dear, I'm fine." And she walked to him and kissed him on the cheek. He reached out and pulled her in close. Giving her a loving hug and returned the kiss on the cheek. They had been here a few times before, but there was something about this night that was different. And she knew it. This was the night that she would give herself to him, once and for all. How she knew it was any bodies guess, but she knew.

With her, her heart was like a safe. Everything he did could add up to a digit that would lock or unlock that safe. So far he had chosen every action correctly. And the safe that was her heart was almost open. If things went just so tonight, her heart would be his and his alone. She thought back to how she had worried about him during the away mission. There were moments when she thought he might be lost yo her forever. But she never gave up hope. Working her station at ops and helping when she could, it was always about bringing him home. Mission be damned!

As she entered the room, her inhibitions left her and she felt like she had just walked into her forever home. She exhaled. Farthing was close at hand. She took a deep breath and turned to him. "Kiss me." Was all she said.

He grabbed her and pulled her softly yet firmly close. Their lips met and began to part. Tongues slowly slid into the others mouth. They had never kissed like this before. The level of passion and warmth was off the scale. Farthing realized that all his planning and rehearsing of what he would say, and how he would ask her to be his alone was for nothing. Their lips and tongues still engaged, he lifter her and walked the few steps to his bed. The fell in slow motion, never detaching themselves from each other.

Moments later they released each other and took a long look into each other's eyes. Farthing spoke first. "I love you!" He said softly.

"I know, I've known from the moment we met, before we knew we would be stationed together." She said softly as her hand landed ever so softly on his face.

"Why am I not surprised?" He asked

"That's because you knew it too. In that moment, a life time passed between us during that first eye contact. It was like we had a blue tooth connection and the download and transfer of information was deep meaningful and instantaneous." She said

"I remember." Was all he managed to say before her mouth found his again. As the passion began to build again, he reached for her blouse. When she offered assistance, he continued until there was nothing left to say. They began the dance of love. Fade to Black.

An hour and forty five minutes later. The safe that had been her heart was fully opened now!

They lay in each other's arms in a heap of heaving flesh covered in sweat and the sensual juices of love.

"Cold drink my dear?" He asked

"Absolutely my love!" She said as music to his ears. He rolled over and his feet found the floor.

"I had planned an elaborate dinner and proposal, but you made the transition from unsure male about to make a fool of himself to man madly in love so easy for me. Thank you for allowing me into your life." He said

"Thank you for finding me. God knows I've waited long enough." She said

"My pleasure, I assure you." Replied Farthing as he returned to her with a Kraft of water and a glass of ice. "I hope you're hungry." He said

"What? You kidding me. After that. I could eat a whole cow." And they both burst out in laughter.

"We were a bit full on, weren't we?" He asked

"Full on is not how I would describe it. That was love making on a Galacttic level. You my man are my champion and there will never be anyone else for me. I choose you." And she took a big sip of the water. As he leaned in for another kiss.

"And to properly answer your question, I am hungry. But you can feed me later. Right now I need some more of you."

He ablidged her. In a whisper! "And I choose you!" As he kissed her deeply and it started all over again.

Fade to Black again!



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