Destiny calls

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Star Fleet HQ Earth

It was Friday. The day most cadets waited for if they were in their last year at the academy. Most of the instructors and professors awaited this day also. It meant a two day break from the regular routine of teaching and training and testing. Something that happened all too regular around here. The other thing that happened was mail call and the issuing of new orders. Harris Farthing had been here on a refresher course. Not that he needed one, he was already a shit hot investigator. But some new methods had surfaced in his area of expertise, and since he had a great completion rate, his command decided he should benefit from the training that was being offered.

As the ensign from most master central entered the lounge, it got quite so they could hear mail call and the issuing of new orders.

Everyone started getting out their individual Star Fleet pads.

"Ok, mail call. I have a message for Smith Abel, R." And he looked to see if Smith was present. He was and the Ensign located him via blue tooth and sent him his message. This went on for several minutes and then the orders were issued. Several names came up before Harris, surprisingly heard his name called. He had though he would be going back to his command, but someone had other ideas.

"I'm Harris, Farthing T." He replied as the ensign checked his pad and located Harris on the system and sent him his orders. Harris looked down at his pad.

Attention to Orders. The following named individual is hereby assigned to the USS Hades. You will be working in the capacity of a Security Investigator and Agent afloat! You have two days to book passage of your choice or contact Star Fleet and passage will be found for you.

Congratulations on your new assignment and live long and prosper!

The commandant

Harris raised an eyebrow. Oh well, he thought to himself, another brick in the wall, as he always said. He finished his coffee, grabbed the few condiments packets of sugar salt and pepper and shoved them in his pocket. Threw the coffee cup at the replicator bin, missed and walked over to pick it up. As he picked it up, he saw someone that he had been meaning to talk to since he arrived. Now that he had his orders, it was perfect timing.

"Hello there, how's it going." As he stood up straight and tugged on his tunics bottom the dirt it out.

"It's going." Replied the lovely Orion female with that amazing green hue to her skin.

"You want to talk, or get something to eat?" He asked

"Not really, but I'll let you buy me a drink." She replied

"Sure thing, my pleasure. What did you have in mind?" He asked

"Getting plastered. That what I had in mind. So surprise me and keep em coming!" She exclaimed

This was not at all what he had in mind, but he did as she suggested and decided he better investigate to see why she seemed so ready to obliterate herself.

"Question. Why the pitty party?" He asked as he set the drink in front of her.

She looked at him. He wasn't a bad looking guy, in fact he was kinda cute. And he had given her a drink, so maybe he was alright at that. "Got my orders today. Going to some bucket called the Hades. It's been in refit for awhile now. You know it's gonna be a bucket of bolts. Literally being sent to hell." She said then sipped her drink.

"Why do you say that? I mean what have you heard about the ship?" He asked, knowing he would have to tell her that he was going that way as well.

"It's a refit, that says it all. It's been on the binary mission and I would assume it's toast. I was hoping for a ship like the Discovery or something newer." She said

Just then his padd lit up.

All senior officers of the USS Hades and crew report to your duty station. That is all!

"Crap, we have to go. We've just been called to duty on that refit you hate so much." As he grabbed her by the hand, she quickly grabbed her glass and downed the rest of her drink.

"What do you mean we? You on the Hades also?" She asked

"Yes I am. Agent afloat Lt. Harris a Farthing at your service now come on. I don't want to miss the briefing!" And they took off for their newly refit ship.

Lt. Harris Farthing
Security Investigator Afloat


Ensign Melissa Stone
Able bodied Crewman