Season 1: The Chariot

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As The USS Hades rides out to war, conlficts and skirmishes are abound! The Hades has one job to make sure The federation and its allies come out with a clean nose! However in the shadows somthing lurks, somthing watching and something eager for blood just as much as the Klingons.

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Included Missions

Olympus Has Fallen

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After the hades intercepts, a klingon distress call. Starfleet send them to Olympus Intelligence relay station, Operated by starfleet intelligence. Starfleet hasent heard from them in a week. So the hades is being sent to check it out, However what they find, is a Klingon raiding party holding the the station hostage and demanding things from starfleet. It's the hades, job to stop them and secure olympus from falling.

Thieves of Fire

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When a series of high space robberies are reported from several remote Federation colonies and outposts on the fringes of Federation space bordered by the Klingon Empire, the Federation naturally believes the Klingons are responsible for border incursions and the pillaging of the colony worlds and outposts. Unable to commit to more starships to handle the upset colonist, Starfleet Command dispatches the recently refitted Constiution class starship Hades and her young Commanding Officer, Commander Lightwood to question the colonist and investigate the area.

Through The Eyes Of Babes

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After the battle of the Binary stars, Starfleet rushed the plans to refit its ships ready for the war.The walker class did its job against the klingon sarcophagus ship! So the walker class was rushed into a refit, The Hades the first of the refits Given to a newly Commissioned commander Colin Lightwood. This is the story of the hades and her ever growing mission.