Deck Listing

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Deck One

Senior Officers' Quarters

Deck Two

Upper Sensor Implements
Officers' Quarters
Main Deflector Generator High Bay
Officers' Mess

Deck Three

Main Deflector Generator (main level)
Deflector Dish Monitoring
Crew Quarters
Computer Core (upper level)
Crew Mess, Ship's Galley
Shuttle Bay Control Room
Shuttle Bay (upper level)

Deck Four

Chief Medical Officer's Office
Medical Labs
Crew Quarters
EVA Egress Hatches 1 (port) and 2 (starboard)
Computer Core (mid-level)
Shuttle Bay (mid-level)

Deck Five

Phase Cannon Monitoring Rooms 1 (port) and 2 (starboard)
Main Impulse Engine 1 (port) and 2 (starboard) High Bay
Computer Core (lower level)
Shuttle Bay (main level)

Deck Six

Ship's Brig
Main Armory
Chief Security Officer's Office
Main Impulse Engine 1 (port) and 2 (starboard) (mid-level)
Cargo Bay 1 (port) and 2 (starboard) (upper level)

Deck Seven

Crew Quarters
Main Impulse Engine 1 (port) and 2 (starboard) (lower level)
Cargo Bay 1 (port) and 2 (starboard) (main level)
Marine Headquarters
Marine Barracks

Deck Eight

Impulse Engines 3 (port) and 4 (starboard)
Forward Torpedo Tubes 1 (port) and 2 (starboard)
Torpedo Storage
Waste Recycling Facilities

Deck Nine

Crew Quarters
Guest / VIP Quarters
Cargo Bays 4 through 6
EVA Egress Hatches 3 (port) and 4 (starboard)

Deck Ten

Crew Quarters
Recreation Facilities
Science Labs
Chief Science Officer's Office

Deck Eleven

Deuterium Storage Tanks
Engineering Support Labs
Captain's Ready Room
Crew Quarters
Lower Sensor Implements

Deck Twelve

Aft Torpedo Tubes 3 (port) and 4 (starboard)
Torpedo Storage
Main Engineering
Chief Engineer's Office
Parts Storage
Fabrication Facilities

Deck Thirteen

Antimatter Containment Pods
Antimatter Pod Ejection Hatch
Parts Storage