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Lieutenant JG Ryan North

Name Ryan Matthew North

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9
Weight 172lbs
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Ryan has an athletic build and stays in shape by working out regularly. He has his old MACO unit tattooed on his left shoulder blade and the initials of his deceased husband on his right shoulder blade. Ryan has been blessed with youthful good looks, often causing people to mistake him for much younger than he is.


Spouse Diego Paz (Deceased)
Children None
Father Lee
Mother Michelle
Brother(s) Jackson (Twin brother)
Sister(s) Clarissa

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ryan can be somewhat obsessive about projects on occasion and tends to forget about other commitments. He is extremely loyal to those he calls friends and will do anything for them. Ryan is an open, caring, and curious individual. His motto generally is 'I'll try anything once.'
Strengths & Weaknesses Ryan is extremely loyal to those he loves and those he serves with. He can become single minded and often obsessive when working on a project. He is tenacious; which is both a gift and a curse. Additionally, Ryan has a hard time watching injustice take place, no matter what Starfleet regulations say, this has lead to a few brushes with his commanding officer regarding following the exact letter of Federation regulations.
Ambitions Maybe command of his own starship someday. Right now, he is more interested in exploring space and discovering new things.
Hobbies & Interests In addition to his love of science Ryan enjoys many physical pursuits. He has had extensive training in the ancient earth martial arts known as Krav Maga. Ryan also enjoys reading, swimming, and occasionally tinkering with old bits of technology.

Personal History Ryan was born to Lee and Michelle North on the colony world of Zeta III near the neutral zone. His father was a law enforcement officer and his mother a subspace theorist. Ryan is the youngest has an identical twin brother named Jackson and one older sister, Clarissa. When Ryan was four the family moved to Starbase 215 so that Michelle could work with Starfleet scientists, while there his father went to work for the station’s private security sector.

From a young age Ryan was intensely curious about the world around him. When he was ten he disassembled his replicator just to see how it worked, although he failed to put it back together again. When he was twelve he made a working tractor emitter for his school science fair project, although it did end up blowing up in his face. After that he turned his ideas toward more theoretical pursuits (much to the relief of his parents.)

Ryan found himself drawn to the study of most things biological as well as technological. He spent a great deal of time studying astrological phenomenon, exo-biology, and exotic alien technology. He didn’t let his pursuit of science curtail some of his more interesting activities however, as both he and Jackson still found themselves getting into frequent trouble.

Despite his aptitude for science when Ryan graduate high school both he and his brother joined the MACO’s. Ryan was a quick study and rose through the ranks of the MACO’s at a fairly fast pace He specialized in close quarters combat and demolitions. While a member of the MACO’s Ryan met and fell in love with another MACO by the name of Diego. The two of them would marry after knowing each other only eight months.

Diego was shipped out as part of a task group that was hunting Rogue elements of the Romulan Star Empire in position of what the Federation thought was a weapon of mass destruction. In the ensuing battle, Diego was killed prompting to Ryan to fall into a deep depression. Eventually, Jackson was able to help him out of it, although he decided not to stay with the MACO’s and instead applied to Starfleet Academy.

Ryan has a very close relationship with his twin brother, Jackson. The two stay in close contact despite Jackson still being in the MACO's. Ryan also has a good relationship with both his parents. His relationship with his sister is somewhat strained. She never fully supported either his or Jackson's desire to join the MACO's as she sees them as a totally military organization. The two are civil when around each other but don't talk much outside family gatherings.

After the death of his husband, Ryan resigned from the MACO’s and decided to return to his passion of science. He was enrolled at the academy and threw himself into his studies. He focused on the subjects that he liked as a youth and branched out to other areas as well. He was a decent student at the academy, although his grades in the more history based areas could have used some improvement.

From a social standpoint, Ryan enjoyed the academy and ended up joining the academy’s Forensics team as well as the swim team. He continued with the physical training that he learned in the MACO’s and worked privately with a master of Krav Maga during his off time and on breaks. Ryan graduated in the top ten percent of his class. After graduation he was assigned to the Walker class, USS Omaha as a member of her science department.
Service Record Ryan’s first posting was aboard the USS Omaha, another Walker class starship. The first assignment of the Omaha was to study the effects of chroniton radiation on living tissue, most of the information from the study would come from a highly volatile area of space known as the Devil’s Belt.

During the first week there, the ship encountered severe gravimetric sheer and sudden subspace anomalies. Ryan helped the ship's operations and tactical officer come up with a shield design that successfully negated the effects on the ship. This action caught the eye of his current captain, Easton Beemer, who placed a commendation in his file.

The second mission of the Omaha had them patrolling the Gorn border. They were attacked several times and even boarded at one point. Ryan helped fight off the Gorn and then was instrumental in using a feedback surge through their own shield grid to disable the Gorn vessel. The downside was that the Omaha was forced to limp back to Starbase 217 for repairs

While awaiting repairs, Ryan took some time off to spend several weeks at the Ares VI research station. The station was a hub of scientific and cultural activity and change. When he returned to the Omaha, he found that he had been promoted to Assistant Chief Science Officer and had been given the rank of Lt. (JG). He served aboard the Omaha for another year until he was transferred to the USS Hades.