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Lieutenant JG Clara Watson

Name Clara Anna Watson

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 22

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6
Weight 120
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Clara is standard officer, nothing to special about her. She stands 5'6 and roughly weighs 120 pounds. She very thin with a high metabolism. She wants to be a little healthier, so she started to work on toning her body.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Clara recently graduated from the academy and is a very textbook character, but also seeks the approval of her peers. Her mentor in the academy, Captain Fuller see’s great potential in her. She served on the USS Tominga under his command. Clara has great potential, despite her age and maturity level. Captain Fuller did put in her file that he was a little concerned for her motivation to joining Starfleet. She felt it was her duty to help the federation against her enemies. He also stated that she was arrogant, and a little green. But showed a lot of potential.
Strengths & Weaknesses Clara has a bad attitude, but a caring heart. She struggles with trying to keep everyone at an arm's length away. She does want anyone getting to close to her. She knows during war time, people will die. People she works with. Because of this she comes across as cold hearted.
Clara is easily defensive, and does not take criticism well. There was an incident on the USS Hades, regarding Clara and a Cadet Senior Grade Aeron Hughes. The incident had to do with the cadet criticising her shooting performance.

Clara does have compassion for all life, and wishes she could break out of her shell, and open up to people. But she is to afraid of them dying in this war, and taking a piece of her, when they died. She was a little selfish in this manner.
Ambitions To become a starship Captain someday.
Hobbies & Interests Clara was raised to like playing racquetball, her father and her where very competitive. Beyond that sport, Clara has not really shown any other interest, beyond helping people. She is hoping serving on a starship will open her mind up to new hobbies and interests.

Personal History The Early Years:

Clara was lost and confused before she joined Starfleet. Her early life was classified by her as boring and unproductive. She skated through high school with good grades, but always felt like something was missing. She felt like she needed to do more.

Clara was very active in sports. Thanks to her father’s racquetball games, she learned to become very competitive. She was felt a need to always prove herself, she felt this was the only way to validate herself, in her generically boring life.

She hated the small town living, she hated the fact her parents were teacher. She felt a calling to serve, to be more than she was. Her father Jordan tried telling her she can serve the greater good in many ways, but from a young age only Starfleet seemed to make sense to her.

The only spark of hope for Clara was the idea of becoming an officer in Starfleet. She focused her high school years on preparing for the academy, she allowed her relationship to Michael Hogan falter. Nothing was going to stop her from leaving Earth, and reaching out to the stars, and making a difference in the deep wild frontier that is the Beta Quadrant.

She did feel bad for ending her relationship with Michael after Prom night, but she needed to focus on career track. Most people focused on trying to lose their virginity, but not her. She had a plan, and nothing was going to get in the way of that. Not even her boyfriend, she knew he would try to talk her out of Starfleet. Michael had no interest in becoming a Starfleet officer or attending the academy. He wanted to become a farmer, and be in the family business.

Clara had no desire to be a farmer, she had bigger and brighter plans in her future. She felt guilty for dropping him after prom. But she tried to tell him, they had a great run, and she would always remember him. Out of respect for him. She dated no one, in her local town.

Acceptance to Starfleet:

Clara was accepted into Starfleet, despite skepticism from her academic peers. They felt that she did not have the motivation. It was not until her 3rd year did she find a purpose, a place to fit in. Her parents tried to talk her out of enlisting. But in June of 2252 she started Starfleet Academy as a first year cadet. She focused her studies in starship operations.

She heard the stereotypes of helmsman’s being only male pilots, and the only ones that can be rowdy and exceptional in their flight operations. She wanted to prove that female operations officers were just as rowdy as the those so called flight operations boys were! She set out as a woman on a mission. She fought hard to be first in the class. There was a lot of confident and arrogant cadets. She finally felt like she fit in. She was so focus on studying and flying that she found no time for relationships.

Her fellow cadets, treated her like one of the boys. She won them over slowly. After she graduated, she wondered why none of them tried to hit on her? In high school she was hit on a regular basis. She shrugged it off as if they were all too busy trying to be the best. It never dawned on her, that her aggressive personality was a big turn off to her fellow cadets.

A lot of them were aggressive as well, so it was easier for them to accept her as one of the guys, and not a potential partner. Plus they were all starfleet officers. After three years, with the academy they placed her on the USS Timko, an aging Shepard Class ship. The ship was under the command of Captain Fuller.

Tour on the USS Timko:

Clara was eager to serve in Starfleet, she was not sure how she felt being on an aging starship, but she ended up liking the crew. They were very nice. Her only complaint, she spent more time in engineering and not on the bridge. She was able to take a few operation bridge station, but it was always in the middle of the night, when nothing was really going on. Despite the fact she spent more of her time in engineering, she loved her time on the USS Timko.

Clara knew she had to pay her dues, and wait for the captain and the senior staff to become comfortable with her. Clara started to understand, that she had a little bit of a chip on her shoulder. She was young and cocky.

Clara completed her term on the USS Timko, and completed the academy. She graduated top of her class, full of arrogance and pride. She was a good flight control officer, but she had a lot to learn, and a little green under the ears.

Tour on the USS Hades:

Clara was assigned to the USS Hades in 2256, straight out of the academy. Her first few days on the ship, were a struggle. She got into an altercation with a cadet, and underwent discipline issues. Luckily it was kept in house. Captain Lightwood saw great potential in her. First doing a lateral transfer to place her in security. But he could tell that she was eager for more combat, more than he could help her with as a assistant security chief.

Clara was ambitious and very ruthless. For three months straight, she trained really hard, in combat tactics and strategies. Harder than anyone else in her unit. This created a little rift between the security unit and her, the Captain saw an opportunity to send Clara away for training and debriefing. She was going to be become apart of an experimental division being created for the USS Hades.

Clara was expendable and ambitious enough for the position. She jumped at the opportunity, to live out a Tom Clancy Novel. She loved the idea of becoming an infiltration specialist, and intelligence specialist. She would work real closely with the marines of the USS Hades.

Service Record 2256 to present
- Assigned to USS Hades, Chief of Intelligence, Infiltration Specialist
- Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
- Assigned to Starfleet Command, Infiltration and Intelligence Training Program
- Assigned to USS Hades, Assistant Chief of Security
- Assigned to USS Hades, Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer

- Promoted to: Ensign
- 4rth Year Starfleet Academy
- Studies in Starship Flight Operations

- Assigned to USS Timko, Shepard Class as a flight control officer
- 3rd Year Starfleet Academy
- Studies in Starship Operations

2253 - 2254
- 2nd Year Starfleet Academy
- Studies in Starship Flight Operations

2252 - 2253
- 1st Year Starfleet Academy
- Studies in Starship Flight Operations