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Ensign Rin Pott

Name Rin Pott

Position Chief Support Craft Pilot

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Half

Physical Appearance


Personality & Traits

Personal History Typical "spacer" origin. Born on the small freighter Cats Meow It was a smugglers life from birth. Born to a caitian father and human mother. Don't even ask him how that worked out, because he doesn't even know himself. All he knows is that he was born, and he has fur.

Little by way of "formal education", he learned the hard way, by doing. From as far back as five. He'd done pretty much everything on their small ship. Which really amounted to a shuttle. And life was good.

They stole from one person, to sell to another. And made enough to save their butts from being blasted by the first person. It was a good ride. That was until Starfleet had to stick their noses where it didn't belong.

One one run the Cats Meow was intercepted by the USS Arlington. "Fuzz" as he was called was ten at the time. At frst he was wide eyed, as he'd never seen an Ambassador class up close before.

That was of course before his family was taken away from him, in favor for a foster family.

He got along with them to be sure, even becoming friendly.

However, old habits die hard and he spent his teenage years in one police station or another. And young Rin