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Lieutenant JG Chris Myles

Name Chris Myles

Position Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft
Weight 150ish
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color teal
Physical Description Stands at a six feet even
Hair short in length, messy in style
bluish green eyes

small thin beard. peach fuzz really


Spouse none
Children none
Father Donald Myles
Mother Abigail Myles
Other Family Doriyan Myles, CMO USS Hornet 2161

Personality & Traits

General Overview Pretty much a down to earth guy
Not that excitable, but giddy when it happens

Eager as ever
Strengths & Weaknesses Something that could be a strength and a weakness is that Chris is as fresh as they come. He's a fully trained physician. Even knows his way around a phaser rifle. And he's up on all his book learning

That's the thing. Book learning, and a few drills with Marines is all that he's had

What he lacks in training he more than makes up for in common sense
Ambitions Do his best to carry on the line of Myles' into medicine
Hobbies & Interests Read.
Make friends

Personal History Born to a long line of Medical practitioners in Edinburgh, Scotland, Chris' future was pretty much laid out for him from birth. His parents were surgeons. And he grew up hearing about his ancestor Dr Doriyan Myles. A CMO when the federation was brand new. Chris knew what he wanted to do in life.

As such he applied himself in hisstudies. As exspected. Primary school, secondary, and so on. All the way up to starfleet academy

Four years there seemed to fly by. Then it was on to Starfleet Medical Academy, where he immediately signed up for the Engineering elective.
Also in his second year he was chosen to train with the SFMC in trauma medicine. He loved it. Adopting a dual specialization in GP and Emergency Medicine

Upon graduation he was assigned to the USS Hades
Service Record Starfleet Academy

Starfleet Medical Academy

training with first Starfleet Marine batallion

USS Hades