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Lieutenant Uma Kitt

Name Uma Kitt

Position Second Officer

Second Position Chief Strategic Communications Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Denobulan
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 165 cm | 5'4"
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Small in stature, a bit curvy and busty, Lieutenant Uma Kitt has long black hair that is usually straightened. She has naturally Hazel eyes, but they lighten and darken according to her mood as is usual with members of the Denobulan species. She has a milk chocolate warm yet clear complexion and a very inviting smile. Her eyes are like illuminated doorways welcoming people in, but behind them is something deeper that prevents her from fully letting go and trusting you. She is almost always pleasant, but when push comes to shove, she can be as stern and commanding as any commanding officer in Starfleet.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Sweet, seductive, and savory are all swirled together in a highly intellectual mind with an aesthetically beautiful shell, holding in the heart and soul of an enchanting young woman. She has her moments of being feisty when necessary, but is more than anything a truly sincere individual who makes it very clear that if anyone needs a friend or just someone to talk to, that she is there for them. Uma is a protective and guarded individual who is willing to risk getting hurt by opening up her heart to someone, but that does not mean it is a free invite to harm her. There will be consequences for those that misuse or abuse her trust in good nature.

Though being warm and welcoming is part of her nature, she has learned over the years to grow out of that naivety of an innocent trusting girl, and mature into a hardened more protective young woman. In doing so, she has become wary of 'strangers bearing apples' and as such she cautiously puts out 'feelers' to determine whether or not peoples' stated intentions are true or not, and whether they have ulterior motives. She'd rather give you her last name than her first name, and deny you any further access until you have successfully gained her full trust and cooperation.

As open minded and warmly inviting as she is, Uma is still a private person. It is true that she has been known to get into the circle of gossip and ship scuttlebutt, if you do tell her something in strict confidence, she will not betray your trust in her. She will keep it closely guarded unless it is something potentially dangerous to the ship. If you threaten her privacy, however, be prepared for snark and shade with every ounce of sass that she has when lock and loaded. If she it upset, her emotions get raw and she wears them on her sleeves. Her soft spoken and warm nature ignites within and outward comes firework spectacle. She is also no stranger to being the 'smartest person in the room,' but welcomes the possibility of encountering an intellectual equal.

Lieutenant Uma Kitt has great confidence in herself and trusts in her own abilities. She can handle nearly any situation that comes her way, but knows better than to face things alone. She will rely on her friends and colleagues when she feels inept to handle a situation or problem. She knows the limitations of herself both physically and psychologically. She will push herself to her limits when necessary, but has a better sense of self understanding than to go beyond those outer limits. Though she is known as a relatively by the books officer in the making, she does have a strong streak of creativity within her and will bend rules when absolutely necessary. In her mind, rules can be bent or broken for the greater good so long as the ethics and spirit remains in place.

Personal History EDUCATION:
*In order of completion*
▪University of Adelaide: BS (Bachelor of Mathematical and Computer Sciences)
▪Denobulan Science Academy: MSc (Masters of Science in Communications)
▪United Federation of Planets | Starfleet Officer Candidate Program: =COMPLETED=
▪Federation War College: MADSS (Masters of Art in Defense and Strategic Studies)

Born on the M class planet of Denobula, located in the Denobula Triaxa star system in the Milkyway galaxy's alpha quadrant, Uma Kitt is the daughter from a family very proud and relatively large Denobulan communal family. Whereas most species tend to grow up with a mother and father, a single parent, or two parents of the same sex or gender, Uma comes from a family that is a little too difficult for humans to entirely comprehend. Aside from having biological parents, her biological parents also have co-spouses, and ultimately, Uma would have it no other way. She grew up in a very loving home and received the attention, praise, and even the discipline necessary to mature into the fine young Denobulan woman that she today.

Crowded living spaces are no problem for Uma as Denobula has experienced great explosions in population, and several generations of families often time live in the same household or in adjoining housing units. So whether serving aboard starships with very close quarters or serving aboard a starship with a large crew compliment, she has no problems getting adjusted to the setting. Though personally she has grown used to having her own space and personal privacy has definitely grown on her. She will take no issue if forced to share quarters with someone, but has found herself becoming more and more human like in her desire to have alone time.

Unlike most officers in Starfleet, Uma Kitt did not attend Starfleet Academy and go on to earn her commission through graduating from the academy. She was a civilian living on Denobula all through her childhood and teenage years until she was old enough and mature enough to make some decisions for herself. Though Denobula had excellent higher educational institutes, Uma wanted to broaden her horizons. She had high marks and an overall respectable performance throughout her primary and secondary education years. It was relatively easy for her to get into a moderately performing academic institute within the Federation. She applied to several, and out of the ones who were eager to have her, she decided to move to Earth and attend the University of Adelaide on Earth's Australian continent. There, she pursued an undergraduate science degree in mathematics and computer sciences. She was fascinated with theorems, statistics, formulas, and calculations. Numbers and technology came relatively easy to her as though she were gifted with something. She loved learning about cultures, primarily through studying languages and basically in her mind computers had languages of their own through coding. She learned binary easily and even studied some non-verbal ancient earth languages such as Morse code. Uma was more of the mathlete than an athlete, but took up swimming competitively. Her hobbies included deep sea diving and snorkeling.

Her interest in Xenolinguistics was further stimulated when attending a multi cultural inter-species linguistics seminar during her senior year at the University of Adeliade. The seminar in question was held at Starfleet Academy. It was her first true glimpses at Starfleet officers and the cadets at the academy. It left an impact on her subconscious. She moved back home to Denobula in order to continue her education seeking post graduate degree. She chose to attend the Denobulan Science Academy and pursue a degree in communications. Meanwhile, in her free time she took music lessons for a small variety of instruments after taking a course on communication in music. She learned about species who only communicated through musical expression which was remarkably fascinating. She became an admirer of Nausicaan tusk operas though her Denobulan physiology limited that admiration to simply listening and watching operas.

While a graduate student in communications at the Denobulan Science Academy, she became sexually involved with an Orion who began to teach her their language. Learning the Orion tongue was a bit tricky, but Uma was able to get the elementary principles of it and the sounds down in about a year's worth of time. Though the sexual liaisonship between the two ended, Uma continued to learn the Orion tongue until she became fluent in it. By the time she finished her degree in communications, she was able to read and write the language on a near native level. The Orion she had been involved with helped her and hurt in some ways. Ultimately, their betrayal helped break Uma from the shell of a naive child and also pushed her to follow her aspirations and to set obtainable goals. She graduated from the Denobulan Science Academy in 2252 with a strong background in Xenolingusitics.

The Federation was involved in a diplomatic deterioration across the alpha and beta quadrants. Confrontations with hostile species were increasing, and the Klingons were expanding their borders each and every day, skirmishes with their battlecruisers were ultimately leading to war without a formal declaration of it by either side. The first battle of Axanar, the second battle of Axanar, the battle of Genmark, and the battle of Andromeda and the encounter at Lea. Communications was going nowhere. The Vulcans were trying their best to quell the situation through peace talks, only to end up being blasted out of the heavens by the Klingons, yet no 'official' war was declared. Federation worlds were burning even as new worlds like Efros were admitted as member worlds. Sanara Dadrai was elected as President of the United Federation of Planets. The galaxy was changing and it was going to hell in a handbasket.

It was time for her to take action and put her heart and mind to service with Starfleet. She made her way aboard a shuttle, headed straight to the heart of Starfleet in San Fransisco on Earth with a PaDD containing her most recent medical records and certifications of her degrees earned. She marched into a recruiter's office and began the paperwork that evening. From there, it was off to eight weeks of basic training and then twelve weeks through Starfleet's special 'Officer Development School,' a part of Starfleet Academy dedicated to people like Uma who were highly educated civilians seeking to join Starfleet. After successfully completing all of the basic training and the additional twelve weeks of insanity that she was put though, Uma Kitt of Denobula became Ensign Uma Kitt, Starfleet communications officer, science division.

She was assigned to her first starship posting in the middle of the hot tensions between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. Ensign Uma Kitt was assigned to the Ares class USS Musashi under the command of Donatella Figueroa for the starship's maiden voyage of 2253. She remained with the USS Musashi, making her way into the position of Assistant Chief Communications Officer. However, when several members of the Musashi crew were taken hostage, including the Captain after a botched rescue mission lead by Figueroa herself in 2254, the Musashi suffered massive damage in a series of failed operations to recover its Captain and missing crew from a rogue Klingon. When the Klingon government got involved, Captain Figueroa and the remaining hostages that were still alive were released. The USS Musashi was ordered to the Tellar repair yards for extensive repairs.

A lot of the surviving crew either requested reassignment or were reassigned by Starfleet Command while the repairs were underway. During this time, Uma took an academic leave of absence endorsed by Starfleet Command in order partake in a 10 month long program earning a Masters of Art in Defense and Strategic Studies. After completing the program, she received a promotion to the rank of Lieutenant and assigned to the USS Hades.
Service Record ▪ Joined Starfleet

▪ Attended Starfleet Basic Training Course (~8 week program)

▪ Continued on through Officer Development School (~12 week program)

▪ Earned her Commission as a Lieutenant JG

▪ Served aboard the USS Musashi - Assistant Chief Communications Officer

▪ Attended the Federation War College (~10 month program)

▪ Reassigned to the USS Hades - Chief Strategic Communications Officer