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Lieutenant JG Lucinda Visser

Name Lucinda Lucy Visser

Position Language Specialist

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4
Weight 145
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Lucy isn't very tall, has shoulder length brown hair and blue. She is average build.


Father Hendrik 'Henri' Visser
Mother Marlene 'Mary' Auvray-Visser
Brother(s) Jean-Paul 'JP' & Matthhieu 'Matt'
Sister(s) Gwendoline 'Gwen'

Personality & Traits

General Overview Lucy is a friendly, positive and spontaneous person. She isn't afraid to speak her mind and is positive in the most of grim situations.
Strengths & Weaknesses + She is a positive minded person
- She keeps mostly to herself as she doesn't like big groups of people
+ She isn't shy and isn't afraid to speak her mind
- She can be stubborn and likes to take on discussions
Hobbies & Interests Lucy likes to watch 21st century American and British series & movies
Loves British and Dutch literature, and listens to 21st century pop & rock music.
Interested in Japanese Manga and anime.

Personal History Lucy is the first born child of Henri and Mary. She was born in Marseilles in France, but grew up in Paris. She was raised both Dutch and French, as her father was of Dutch descend.
Her mother was a history teacher at a local high school, her father was a language professor at the Sorbonne Nouvelle University.
As a young child she she was always interested in American and British television series and movies from Earth’s 21st century.She would love to watch them in their original language. And even though she was a happy child. She didn’t have much friends. But it was a conscious choice she made. She didn’t like crowds, so what would she need with a lot of friends. And not because she wasn’t likable either. Her friendly and spontaneous personality could have gotten her a lot more friends.

In High school she took on Spanish and Latin as extra languages, and chose history and geography. She also did biology because of her Latin.
Upon graduation she chose to enter Sorbonne Nouvelle University to study languages. Additional she took advanced classes in Spanish and Latin, and added Vietnamese, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese to her list.
And if she didn't had enough classes already, she went on to do history, geography and biology in advanced classes.

She was always focused on her studies and didn’t need any friends. Most of her primary and high school friends had already moved on as they weren’t so interested in what she was doing and so they grew apart. Something Lucy really regretted later.

Eager to learn more languages, she decided the university couldn't offer her more. So she joined starfleet.
Because of her studies and her quest for knowledge, she didn't have time to make a lot of friends. She hoped to make some in starfleet. She did an officers course and studied two new languages, Klingon and Vulcan. She had a bit harder time studying those languages. But as stubborn as she was, she stuck to it till she got it right.
Still focused on her studies, she still found it hard to make friends. She spend a lot of time with her instructors or with her homework. Before her graduation it all started to gnaw on her a little, that she didn’t have much friends, even now that she joined starfleet, she still couldn’t make time for herself to make them. And she missed having them.
After her graduation she requested to join the Hades, a frontline battle, to help in the war effort. She didn’t know if could get it or not. But to her own surprise she was accepted. She decided she would not spend so much time on work and would start making friends.
Service Record Education:
*Studied languages at Sorbonne Nouvelle University Paris
*Studied Biology & History
*Officers course and Vulcan & Klingon at Starfleet academy

Fluent in the following languages: (Spoken and written)
*Mandarin Chinese

USS Hades Rank: Ensign Position: Language Specialist