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Commander Dorian Willams

Name Dorian Willams

Position Executive Officer

Second Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft 3 inches.
Weight 180
Hair Color Sandy blonde/Brown
Eye Color blue
Physical Description noteable features-prosthetic arm, left, elbow down

Other than that, pretty much normal looking guy. Tallish human male. Razor stubble at times, mostly clean shaven.

Bue eyes

Short hair.


Father Ben Williams
Mother Cher Williams

Personality & Traits

General Overview Easy to get to know. Strange sense of humor, electing to make lame jokes wherever possible.

He is a bit of a risk taker, however. He has been known to take the odd stupid risk now and then

Other than that, pretty much an open book
Strengths & Weaknesses S-deals with stress semi well
athletic to a degree
--open personality

w-can sometimes get too stressed
--sometimes too open
Ambitions Just wanna serve Starfleet, wherever it takes him. In the advent of war, he puts his efforts in trying to return to a peaceful federation.

He doesn't hold onto any lofty goals like "fleet Admiral" or anything like that. Just to do what Starfleet asks of him according to his oath and morals
Hobbies & Interests Competed in Tennis at the Academy and still keeps up to speed.
Avid reader of spy/adventure titles

Personal History Not muchh happened early on. Dorian was born on Mars, a little ways from a Starfleet base. So close that his window overlooked it so he saw it every morning when he woke up, and the reverse at night. To him it represented a larger world.

He needed that desperately. His home life left something to be desired in that regard. Being the only child of two control freak parents, it was a stressful way to grow up. So stressful that he decided very early in life that by hell or high water he'd join Starfleet someday. This was about the age of 6.

From 6 to 17 he made this his life's goal. Primary school was more or less a breeze to get trough, Dorian being a good student.

High school was a little rocky though. Cramming for those academy exams took a lot out of him. Upto the point he was beginning to overwhelm him. He stuck through however. Barely, but he made it.

In the academy he was at a loss for a major. On a whim he fell on engineering. Turned out he loved it. Tinkering proved to take his mind off of things.

In short, he was living his dream.

In his offtime the Academy Tennis team took up the bulk of his tims

Upon graduattion he was assigned to the Magee Class USS Archer as an assistant Engineer. the twenty something ate the experience up, soaking up the info likea sponge.

Life went on like this for at least two years pretty much normal. Basicaly the dull routine of ship life. Exploration, diplomacy, etcetera.

That is to say that they didnt face their share ofexcitement with the odd skirmish with orion pirates.

It was during one such skirmish that Dorians life changed. He happened to be in engineering during one such skirmish. The ship took some rather well plaed hits. Dorian was at the damage control console when it exploded, sending all manner of debris into his left arm.

Doctors couldn't save it so a replacement had to be fitted. He opted for a removable one, just to not have to wear it when he didn't have too.

From there he was taken to starbase 24 in order ro rest and get used to his new artificial appendage. He alkso served TAD there commanding a small group of cadets in engineering.

Seems he liked it. The teaching and the suoervisory aspect

He sought out as many such opportunities as he could, petitioning to stay on at the Starbase. Which he did for a year before being assigned to earth

He spent his time there as an Engineering supervisor at the Academy, while splitting his time as an "XO" to cadets doing their Kobayashi Maru.

That was until the recent battle between the UFP and the Kingons.

Service Record USS Archer


TAD Starbase 24
EO/Temp Instructor in Engineering

1.5 years


Earth-Engineering Supervisor/Kobayashi Maru test officer